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Financial Times 12,822 – Monk

Posted by Uncle Yap on July 18th, 2008

Uncle Yap.

Common abbreviations used
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

Quite some time ago, a good friend, Dave Tilley introduced me to Monk,  then only compiling for the Independent, a paper not carried by my Club in Kuala Lumpur, I was immediately taken to his devious style and his clever clues. Thus, when I saw an FT by Monk not being blogged, I thought that would be a shame.

So here I am, blogging an excellent and challenging puzzle which saw me resorting to on-line assistance like One-Look and Wikipedia with frequent reference to my in-house Chambers (worth every penny I paid – nowadays, I used it to complete an Azed within the hour)

1 DIATRIBE DIA (rev of AID, help) tribe (race)
5 EVICTS EVI (rev of I’ve) CTS (first letters of ….)
9 DAGUERRE D (dead) A Guerre (war in French, indicated sneakingly by Napolean) Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787–1851) was a French artist and chemist, recognized for his pioneering work in photography. “First to shoot” What a crafty definition! My clue of the puzzle
10 OSTMEN I actually constructed the word by ins of ST (street) in OMEN (sign) and then went to Chambers and hey presto, would you believe it – Ostmen n pl the Danish settlers in Ireland. Another new word for me
12 CLEAN c (circa or about) lean (bank)
13 AGINCOURT AGIN (against) court (judges & officials) This 1415 battle has been immortalised by Shakespeare as the centrepiece of his play Henry V.
14 HATBOX Clever cd
16 CLOBBER Ins of L in COBBER (this Aussie slang for friend was so slyly disguised using Sydney which initially got me to try and remember the friends of Sydney Carton, a character in Dicken’s ATOTC. Chambers #2 got me the clothing definition (another new word)
19 AVENGER Ins of Eng (English) in RENT
21 GHYLLS This was my last word and a new one, too. Apparently this is a homophone for gills (piscean lungs so deviously disguised as ‘fish partly’)
23 CHA-CHA-CHA That was fun fun fun
25 CRETE Ins of T in Cree
26 NARKED Ins of R (rex or king) in naked (nude)
27 DISRAELI One king is I Lear and Sid James of “Carry On…” fame. Reverse the whole lot to get Disraeli, a British PM
28 YANKEE *(Kenya) E
29 REDOLENT Ins of DOLE (handout) in rent

1 DEDUCE Ins of D (diameter) in deuce (2 in a pack of cards)
2 AGGREGATE *(Jagger minus J) GATE (exit)
3 RHEIN Ins of H (horse) in REIN (strap) Aletrnate spelling for the more familiar Rhine
4 BUREAUX Ins of UR (half hour) in BEAU *Dandy) X (times)
6 VASECTOMY *(a cyst move) sounds so medical
7 CYMRU C (circa or about) YM (rev my) RU (Rugby Union)
A Welshman will easily accept this as &lit
8 SENATORS S (small ) E (European) NATO (alliance) R (run) S (Sweden)
This cha is too formulaic for me
11 DISC “discerns” 50% off
15 BIG CHEESE Big (major) CH (church) EESE (many points)
17 BELVEDERE *(be led ever)
18 FALCONRY Very clever cd especially when Falcon follows the next day
20 RACH Rac (k) H (hot) – another new word for me for a dog that hunts by scent.
21 GRANITE Gran (old lady) I TE (TeasE heartlessly)
22 DEPICT ha
24 APRON A (area) PRO (for) N (new) At least this formulaic clue reads well on the surface
25 CARGO What a lovely &lit C + Argo (Greek mythology ship)

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  1. Bachgammon says:

    Thanks Uncle Yap. I was glad of your blog after I had tried to pit my brains against the moustachioed mathematician. I will almost always have a go at a crossword set by somebody who’s identity I know; the World Wide Web has made crossword-solving seem a rather more personable activity!

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