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Independent 6790 by Tees

Posted by NealH on July 21st, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

Some excellent clues from Tees on a grid that concentrated on shorter words rather than having the usual couple of 14 or 15 letter entries. No obvious nina that I could see, although the line at the top of the grid seemed to start promisingly with “ego if..”.

9 Manifesto: (some faint)*.
10 Ebony: (by one)*.
11 Tamil: m in tail.
12,19,13 Like a fish without a bicycle: (use catholic faith by Wilkie)*.
14 Onwards: nurses work on wards.
17 Elfin: f in Nile*.
19 Wok: w + OK.
20 Royal: double definition. I think the larger size refers to paper sizes.
21 Derwent: Der (german “the”) + went.
22 Piscean: c in sea in pin.
24 Isherwood: I + sherwood (forest).
26 Onset: double definition. Not sure what the link to the previous one is (maybe theatre sets).
28,18 Penny farthing: Penny far thing.
29 Tall tales: cryptic definition.
1 Emit: mite with e cycled to the start.
2 Gnomic: coming*.
3 Off licence: L in Office + N CE. The justification for lambert as an l is that it is the unit for luminescence.
4 Isolde: Is olde[r]. I liked the use of much here to signify “much of” rather than the surface reading of emphasising the “more experience”.
5 Folk rock: folk + rock. I think Fairport refers to Fairport Convention.
6 Vera: V + era. I’ve never watched it much, but I believe she was in Coronation Street.
7 Moriarty: MORI + arty = Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis.
8 Myth: hidden
13 Bread: bad around re, but I don’t see how you justify the “to”.
15 Wordsworth: cryptic def (Prelude was his most famous work).
16 Solon: so lon[g].
22 Piddle: Pile around dd – excellent clue.
23 Easily: Ely around ISA<.
24 Impi: MP in II.
25 Rhys: RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) around y. Not sure which Rhys that is referring to – possibly Ernest Rhys.
27 Test: double definition – apparently test is a type of shell.

6 Responses to “Independent 6790 by Tees”

  1. neildubya says:

    25 – could be Jean RHYS, author of The Wide Sargasso Sea.

  2. Barbara says:

    Re: 6. Vera
    I think it’s rather unfair to give a last name as the definition, and expect the solver to come up with the first name, especially when the name sought is a character in a TV series! Phooey.

  3. AMB says:

    I too have been hard-pressed to find fault with yet another excellent puzzle from The Independent.

    Some very fine clues as Neal says, IMPI being a case in point, and the usual topical references. I think the ‘to’ at 13 down is a link word, quite commonly found in The Times, my staple diet.

  4. Wil Ransome says:

    LIKE A FISH WITHOUT A BICYCLE: Please could someone explain what this is all about. I’ve never heard the expression and don’t seem to be able to find it in any dictionary.

    PIDDLE: Presumably this is ‘Much larger amount’ = ‘pile’, ‘with purchase on’ = ‘surrounding’, ‘twopenny’ = ‘dd’. But why is ‘much larger amount’ = ‘pile’?

  5. Tees says:

    ‘A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle’, said Irina Dunn long before it was credited to Gloria Steinem. Dunn had amended the previous version, ‘a man without religion’ etc, quoted (but not coined) by Robert Anton Wilson in Cosmic Trigger.

    Despite being apposite for the fodder it’s a tad obscure, so I chose not to use it. Also, a large proportion of our readership is hip, well educated women, likely to be more au fait with Dunn/Steinem.

    Pile is defined in Collins as ‘a large amount of money’, which for the purposes of the clue breakdown (2xD in PILE) I’m saying must be ‘much larger’ than tuppence. A little creative leeway we are sometimes allowed, after Spurs win or sign someone good.

  6. Fletch says:

    < I think the ‘to’ at 13 down is a link word, quite commonly found in The Times, my staple diet.

    You jest AMB surely, The Times would never do anything as sloppy as that.

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