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Private Eye/Cyclops Crossword 369 – Funny old world

Posted by beermagnet on July 21st, 2008


The crossword that dared to cross Beelzebub with Ann Widdecombe …

8 CLARA CLAR[e] A That clue felt a bit cheeky. It spells out the wordplay so clearly that it misleads.  I couldn’t get it until most crossing letters were in place. Full clue:
Short, Clare: a different name (5)
10 OVERHEARD OVER (“finished”) HEARD Homophone Hurd Ref. Douglas Hurd, ex- Hom. Sec. and For. Sec.
13 IN THE KNOW IN=”latest” THE=”article” KNOW=”Ken”
16/25 BRIDE-TO-BE BR[own] (TIDE)* OBE Anagrind “turning”
17 FUNNY OLD WORLD Ref. Victor Lewis-Smith’s unmissable regular Eye feature (see Page 15) (Previously Christopher Logue’s True Stories)
21 REBUS Hidden in cultuRE BUSh
23 THE MIRROR CD Ref. the tabloid
24 BECKETT BECK from “Brook” then initial letters of “excoriate Tory Thatcher”. Tricky. I got this from the “(Margaret)” reference (Ref. Margaret Beckett) and only parsed the clue while writing this blog. Full clue:
Brook starts to excoriate Tory Thatcher (Margaret) (7)
26 OPUS DEI (PSEUDO)* then I (“Cyclops”) Anagrind “rubbished”
28 BEELZEBUB (BUBBLE E E Z)* Anagrind “burst” The two “E”s are from “a couple of uppers” and Z is from [snoo]Z[e]
1 SCORPIO (CRIP[e]S O O)* Anagrind “changes” The two “O”s from second letters of both bOris and jOhnson. First clue I looked at but last to go in. Annoying as I had the method early on but didn’t spot the anagram then, not till getting the “sign” answer from the crossing letters and back-parsing. It shows that anagram clues are sometimes misleading.
Also, the clue’s surface reading is highly appropriate given the news this week about the resignation of Boris’s “second” Ray Lewis – I wonder if that was coincidence or if Cyclops managed to get a late clue change in place. Full clue:
Cripes! Boris Johnson seconds changes – ‘e’s out for a sign! (7)
2 JACOBEAN JAC[k] OBE AN Cyclops has an extra OBE this week, presumably nicked them from the Birthday Honours list
3 DOWN AND OUT DOWN (“unhappy”) OUT
4 LEVY V[ery] inside LEY Ref. Lord Levy who seems to be becoming a regular Cyclops target
5 CHERUB CHER[ie] UB Unemployment Benefit
7 ODYSSEY (YES SOD)* then Y[ear] Anagrind “off”
9/15 ANN WIDDECOMBE Ref Princess Anne and Widecombe Fair. But the outspoken Princess is Anne with an “E” and the folksong only has one “D”, is this fair?
14 THUMBSCREW Ref. Tom Thumb and then Roger=screw
18 OBITUARY (A TORY U)* around BI[-sexual] Anagrind “outed” Tough clue:
Notice a Tory outed along with university’s principal – guards not entirely straight (8)
19 CRYBABY (CABBY)* around R[o]Y Anagrind “windy”
20 FRAILTY Ref the Shakespeare (“Bill”) quote from and by Hamlet: “Frailty, thy name is woman”. I’ll give this the best clue award because I was so pleased to get it and recognise the reference (Hamlet is my favourite of the handful of WS plays I’ve actually read, studied or seen). Full clue:
Weakness Bill dramatically named as “woman” (7)
22 SLEAZE Hidden in hasSLE A ZEalot
27 DOG (GORDON without R ON)* Anagrind “messed up” Clearly only “up” is required – this will work as a subtractive reversal, so “messed” is not necessary but it makes for a better surface

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