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Independent 6791/Phi

Posted by John on July 22nd, 2008


Phi on a Tuesday: what’s going on? Must be something special. All I can see is that he has been incredibly clever and managed to get T’s into all the unches around the outside, all four squares round the middle of the grid, and all six ‘elbows’. As can only be expected one or two words are a bit rare, which may explain why I took a little longer than usual for a Phi, despite getting some help from the Nina. But no complaints – the usual high standard of clueing.

9 UNHURT – (run thu(s))*
10 T(I)NT
12 TAUGHT I think – (at U)* T about g(rading) h(onours), although this seems pretty tough without even a question mark. It seems to be trying to be an &lit., but can one really say that all who teach at a university are tense about openings for grading honours?
15 T(RIC(h))OT
17 Mone(T) (Damien)HIRST
22 TOM T(rouble) IT
23 TEPIDARIUM – (tedium pair)*, as I remember from those wonderful Turkish (?) baths in Jermyn Street that have long gone
24 TILT – 2 defs
25 TOCSIN – (n is cot)rev.
26 TE((ACE L)rev.)ST
2 TEST(y)
3 TALE N(o)T
4 TUNA FISH – (fun hat is)*
5 THE TIN DRUM – a novel by Gunter Grass
6 T(R(ecent))ENDS
8 TaUnT-TaUnT
13 GRIS((mea)T)LIEST
16 OIL PAINT – (toil)* around pain
18 TRI(p) A-LIST
19 TA(0 IS)T
22 TUM (c)ULT
24 TACT – “tacked”

7 Responses to “Independent 6791/Phi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    TAUGHT, I think tense = taut around first letters.

  2. John says:

    TAUGHT – you may well be right, Niall. I think the clue stands up either way. But so does my doubt: even if it’s as you say, ‘Worked at university’ is not in itself a sufficient indicator of ‘taught’, in my opinion. It need a question mark at least. I’m surprised that Phi, who seems to have the highest standards, should include a definition by example.

  3. Ali says:

    A cracker of a puzzle. The letter T seems to be quite popular of late! Definitely harder than average for Phi, though that was to be expected given the grid construction, and being able to stick all the Ts in with only half the grid filled helped quite a lot.

    Does make me wonder what we’ve got in store on Friday though!

  4. Duggie says:

    Clever puzzle, clearly dedicated to yesterday’s setter. Is Friday a special date?

  5. Tees says:

    Arf arf!

  6. Richard Palmer says:

    Very clever grid construction. Doing it online I thought it was Virgilius.

    I can’t see anything wrong with ‘worked at university’ as a definition of taught. I think John got confused trying to read it as an & lit which doesn’t work.

  7. Testy says:

    I (almost) got a mention too! I also thought it was Virgilius and agree it was a great puzzle from Mr Phriday. I spotted the theme early on which helped.

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