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FINANCIAL TIMES No. 12,828, Set by Orense

Posted by Octofem on July 24th, 2008


An easier puzzle after Gaufrid’s task yesterday with his Tiffany cats.  Rather a lot of anagrams again, but
 some ingenious ways of signalling them.


1.    GO UNDERGROUND  – (double definition)
9.    MASONIC  –  (ma-son- ic {in charge -ruling} )
10.  MODULES –  (-o-d- in ‘mules’ :mule is a term used for a person smuggling drugs on,
                                  or sometimes even in, his or her person.  Heroin or ecstasy may be swallowed.)                                  
11.  omitted
12.  SATURNINE – (s- *nature in)
13.  TALL TALE  – (t-all tail)
15.  MAKE UP –  (double definition.  Reminiscent of the Robert Frost quotation:
                                ‘Good fences make good neighbours.’ )
18.  MODERN – (mode RN)
19.  DISSECTS – (d-is-sects)
22.  GREAT BEAR – (bear – to support.  The Ursa Major constellation)
24.  POLKA  – (* lap- OK    – I felt the clue was slightly inaccurate as the  excitement of OK
                             was not actually within *lap)
25.  EQUABLE – (e-qu-able)
26.  TRUMPET – (double definition, trumpet, part of brass section.)
27.  PREVARICATION – * can top riviera

1.   GYMNAST – (*many s, with GT – gran turismo, a high performance car.)
2.   UNSKILLED- (* kid sullen – interesting use of feral)
3.   DANCE – (alternate letters of drawn – d-a-n + ce)
4.   ROCK SALT- (double definitions, Gibraltar being known as ‘The Rock.’)
5.   REMOTE – (as in remote possibility , and the essential appendage for any husband.)
6.   UNDERPASS – ( a pass as in ‘making a pass at-‘, here with some lack of enthusiasm)
7.    omitted
8    ASLEEP. – (* please – ‘out’ in two senses) 
14. TURNTABLE – (double definitions- turn as in: It’s my go now)
16.  EUCALYPTI -(*a pity clue)
17.  LIBRETTI  – *brittle + i)
18.  MAGNET -(*game without e, net to score. )
20.  SPARTAN – (spar- {to box} – tan.  As in:  The room looked rather bare and spartan.
                                The Spartans believed in physical austerity and boys were toughened up
                                 from babyhood for a military future.)
21.  GENERA  – ( Genera-{l}.       Plural of genus, classification of living and fossil organisms)
23.   EQUIP  – (e- quip – a joke or crack. Maybe to load the mule?)
24.   PAULA. – (P-a-ul-a)

3 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES No. 12,828, Set by Orense”

  1. JamesM says:

    11 across is ALIVE “A BAD RETURN” is a and evil backwards and alive is quick!

  2. Octofem says:

    Yes, James – I was told I should leave one or two out because of commercial channels which provide answers. I try to pick fairly easy ones to omit, but thanks anyway.

  3. Duggie says:

    14D: ‘go’ seems to be doing double duty here; not that I object, but some might.

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