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Posted by Gaufrid on July 25th, 2008


Not quite as difficult as Wednesday’s CINEPHILE but some slightly tricky wordplay in places particularly, for me, 16d. However, once I had worked this out I had to smile at its cleverness.



1 RECESSION  RE (scripture) CESSION (homophone of session) – ‘meeting’ has to serve two purposes for this clue to work

6 HAVOC  H (first letter of harvesting) AVOC (avocado minus ado)

9 GAMIN  MAG (magazine, eg Time) reversed IN (fashionable)


11 DEAD WEIGHT  DEAD (departed) WEIGHT (homophone of wait)

12 NEDS  alternate letters of ‘aNgEl DuSt’

14 THAWING  A W (week) in THING (fact)

15 DEMOTIC  DEMO (protest) TIC (habitual response)

17 CONTEND  *(NO TEN) in CD (record) – in my day the indicator ‘record’ used to mean EP or LP. Times have changed

19 CRITICS  C (first letter of concert) *(S[a]TIRIC) – the removed ‘a’ being ‘first-class’

20 NAME  ME (one) behind N (name) A (one)


25 CORPORATE  CO (council) R (right) OP (work) reversed RATE (standard) – I don’t know which dictionary VIKING uses but ‘co’ as an abbreviation for ‘council’ does not appear in my copy of Chambers or COD (both rather old). ‘co’ for ‘company’ would have been more sound and may even have improved the surface

26 ISAAC  IS (IVR Iceland) AAC (alternate letters of Jamaica)

27 LATHE  AL (for?) reversed THE (article) – a pleasing double use of ‘turning’ but I have difficulty in justifying ‘for’ as ‘al’. Usually ‘al’ is a prefix for ‘before’. There again, I may have totally misunderstood the clue! – Please see Smiffy’s comment for the correct interpretation of the wordplay leading to ‘AL’

28 TREATMENT  *(TEAM) in TRENT (river)


1 RAGED  [t]RAGED[y]

2 COME AGAIN  COME (move towards) A GAIN (secure)

3 SONGWRITER  *(TRIES WRONG) – ‘porter’ as in Cole Porter

4 ISSUING  IS (one’s) SUING (taking action)

5 NEIGHED  WEIGHED (considered) with N instead of W (changed direction at first)

6 HATE  hidden word in ‘wHAT Evil’

7 VALVE  V (velocity) in VALE (river’s location or valley)

8 CLASS ACTS  CLASS (part in school) ACTS (plays)


14 TECHNICAL  *(CHAIN) in TEC (detective) L (left)

16 THIRD-RATE  THIRD R (reading, writing and arithmetic, the three Rs) AT E (English) – it took a while for me to get the wordplay in this one

18 DEVIANT  NAIVE (simplistic) in TD ( Teachda Dala, Irish politician) all reversed

19 CORTEGE  GET (to reach) reversed in CORE (centre)

21 MERIT  dd

23 NICHT  NIGHT (end of day) with G (government) changed to C (carbon)

24 NOTE  dd – ‘do’ is a less common spelling of the musical note doh

6 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12,829 by VIKING”

  1. Octofem says:

    I found this harder, Gaufrid. Agree about ‘third rate’ – I had the answer but could not see the reasoning. Thanks for explanation. And how did you know the Teachta Dala answer? I am very impressed. Again the solution was there but I had no idea where the TD came from.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    “And how did you know the Teachda Dala answer?”

    I have been doing cryptic crosswords for the last 45 years (with a few breaks) and the TD abbreviation has cropped up more than once during that time. I will admit to having to refer to Chambers to get the correct spelling.

  3. smiffy says:

    Some nice touches of originality, even if – like others – it did leave me figuring out a couple of clues just via their definition in the first instance.

    Re 27A I have: “A tool basically” giving the A+L (i.e. the base, or final letter, of “tool”).

    Re 1A, isn’t your allegation of “meeting” doing double duty a little harsh?

  4. Gaufrid says:


    27a Thank you, your interpretation of the wordplay makes more sense than mine.

    1a I don’t think so. ‘Scripture’ is defined as “the sacred writings of a religion” or, rarely, “a biblical text”. RE is the abbreviation for ‘religious education’ which is the teaching of religious doctrines in schools.

    As there is no verbal form of ‘scripture’ (you can’t ‘to scripture someone’), RE must be extended to include a religious education class, i.e. a gathering of people being taught RE or, somewhat loosely, a ‘scripture meeting’.

    With an initial capital, Scripture is also defined as “the Bible” so the common term ‘Bible class’ would equate to ‘Scripture meeting’

    Only my opinion of course.

  5. smiffy says:

    Wow Gaufrid, you came dangerously close to giving me brain-ache there! I’ll think twice before rattling your chain next time. :>

    At my school, Religious Ed and Scripture were interchangeably one and the same thing (admittedly it was dependent on the vintage of the teacher conducting the class, so maybe it was already something of an anachronism back in the 80s?).

    Incidentally, I seem to recall Domestic Science lessons re-branding to become Home Economics at around the same time. I guess every generation needs its own euphemisms…

  6. Gaufrid says:

    Sorry, Smiffy, I didn’t mean to overburden the grey matter. My chain wasn’t rattled, you just brought out the pedantic streak in me.

    Back in the ’60s I remember religious instruction being replaced with religious education presumably to reflect the changing times and greater awareness of the diversified religions present in the UK at that time.

    To ‘instruct’ has overtones of directing the recipient down a specific path whereas to ‘educate’ gives scope to cover a wide range of associated topics.

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