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Independent 6798/Dac

Posted by John on July 30th, 2008


One or two I’m not quite sure about but a typically high-class thing from Dac.

6 PAGODA – I think this is (do gap)rev. a, although I’m not sure. Does ‘create’ = ‘do’?
9 FOUR COURSE MEAL – “fore coarse” meal
10 handmaDE LInguini
11 MACKINTOSH – (mink coat’s)* h
12 REGGAE – (eager)rev. containing g
14 ICE CREAM – ce [this French] in Americ(a)*
16 STAR SIGN – (ca)t in (in grass)*
18 TOBAGO – I think this is b a go with to initially, with ‘go’ = ‘journey’ as a verb
23 CASE – 2 defs
24 TAIL-END CHARLIE – (in the air, called)*. Very nice well-concealed anagram. I wasn’t sure about ‘crew member’, but the COD gives ‘a crew member of a bomber aircraft who operates a gun from a compartment at the rear’
25 FRENCH – Dawn French is the star of this moderately amusing programme, which to my amazement was voted something like the greatest sitcom of all time on one of those Channel 4 things. Fawlty Towers? Dad’s Army? Yes (Prime) Minister? The Office?
2 (l)A(TONE)MENT – I was prepared to make the usual complaint about people regarding things as films when they are really books that have been made into films, but in this case Dac is excused because of the excellence of the surface
3 DARLING – 2 defs
4 GROOM – 2 defs
5 DIRECTION FINDER – (confident rider)* around 1 – brilliant semi &lit.
6 P(arty) RE(SIDE)NT
7 GREETER – again 2 defs
8 DALES – (SE lad)rev. – ‘somewhere in Yorkshire’?: surely, various places in Yorkshire? Possibly not, since it’s a general area; in any case it’s nice to see that Dac doesn’t do what a cheap setter does and define it simply as ‘in Yorkshire’
13 ELIZABETH – El(ton) (Baez hit)*
15 AUGUST IN E – again (see my comment to 8dn), I knew that this wouldn’t be a place in Spain
17 REUNION – yet again 2 defs: is there a bit of an imbalance here?
19 BUCKRAM – (Mark cub)rev. – I wondered for a while how a mar was a young journalist, having thought the old writer was Pearl Buck
21 (f)ACTOR(y)
22 giveN A HUMble

5 Responses to “Independent 6798/Dac”

  1. conradcork says:

    25 across. I thought French was far too obvious an answer for a DAC puzzle, and racked the grey cells a bit before the cross checking letters confirmed it.

  2. NealH says:

    I was a bit puzzled by “greeter”. I can’t find a definition in any dictionaries that is specifically related to funerals.

  3. Testy says:

    As John mentions it is two definitions both nounal forms fo the verb “to greet” which can mean to welcome or (particularly in northern England and Scotland) to cry or lament.

  4. Colin Blackburn says:

    Mourning isn’t necessarily confined to funerals. Greet appears in a couple of dictionaries as a verb meaning to weep or lament. I’m guessing that the question mark is hinting at stretching this verb to an agent noun.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Great puzzle, as always, varied treatments. I thought the ? made DALES quite OK.

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