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FINANCIAL TIMES 12,824 by Mudd (19 July)

Posted by Gaufrid on July 31st, 2008


Perhaps slightly harder to get into than some FT crosswords but once started there were no major difficulties, apart from 26a which took me a while to see the wordplay even though the answer was obvious. In fact initially I thought there might be a typo in the clue and that ‘miles’ should have been ‘males’. This would have been quite plausible as a clue but would have been somewhat male chauvinistic, particularly given the presence of the question-mark.  


1 PANTRY  TRY (shot/attempt) on PAN (film) – pan is not actually ‘to film’ but to move the camera whilst filming

4 TRIBUNAL  TRIAL (hearing) about BUN (something sweet)

9 RIGHT  dd – ‘Cameron’s lot (the Tory party) so politically’ and ‘correct’ are both right (well, the former used to be a right wing party)


11 DETRACT  T (last of freight) CARTED (transported) reversed

12 CLICHES  CLInCHES with ‘n’ (knight) removed

13 SOLE  sole is a fish and can also mean alone (away from school, ie the rest of the group of fish)

14 STARLING  STARING (looking) around L (pound)

17 BY THE WAY  dd

19 METE  MET (came across) E (end of face) – mete is a measure as is ‘hand’ (a measure of just over 100mm, 4″ in real money, normally used when measuring the height of horses). It has been suggested elsewhere that hand = hand out = mete but I am not happy with this explanation. As a verb, mete is to apportion (divide up) rather than to hand out and also the clue does not include the ‘out’

22 CHATEAU  CHAT (bird) EAU (water)

24 ITERATE  IE (that is) about T (time) ERA (time) T (time)

25 TARPAULIN  TAR (Jack, a sailor) PAUL (boy) IN (wearing)

26 AMISS  A MISS – from the saying “a miss is as good as a mile”

27 CREOSOTE  *(ROSE) in COTE (a birdhouse)

28 ORDEAL  DE (each end of defence) in ORAL (an exam or test)


1 PARADISE  IS inside PARADE (show)

2 NIGHTCLUB  NIGH (close) CL (150) in TUB (bath)

3 RATTAN  RAT (desert) TAN (brown)

5 REINCARNATION  RE (religious education) IN CARNATION (flower)

6 BELLINI  BELL (call or ring) IN I (Italy)

7 NEATH  NEAT (orderly) H (hospital)

8 LATEST  LA (Louisiana) TEST (investigation)



16 REVERSAL  VERS (verse unfinished) in REAL (actual)

18 TREPANS  *(PARENTS) – a trepan is an obsolete cylindrical saw for perforating the scull – Ouch!

20 ACETIC  ACE (one) TIC (little jerk)

21 REPAIR  REP (salesman) AIR (manner)

23 AGREE  A GREE (green cut short)

2 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12,824 by Mudd (19 July)”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    I’m not sure I agree that a mete is a measure and so = hand. Chambers doesn’t give this sense, and it seems unlikely that even if it is a measure like an inch or a centimetre it’s exactly the same measure as a hand. More likely that Mudd has intended a rather loose equivalence of ‘mete’ with ‘mete out’.

    A bit late – I’ve only just done this crossword.

  2. Gaufrid says:


    Chambers (1998) – mete n (a) measure

    As indicated in my blog, Chambers also gives ‘mete’ as a verb meaning ‘to measure’ or ‘to apportion’. Even if you add ‘out’ this is not the same as ‘hand out’ or ‘distribute’.

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