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FINANCIAL TIMES, no.12834 set by SATORI, July 31 2008

Posted by Octofem on July 31st, 2008



This one gave me a few headaches, particularly the word play of 30a, and SATORI led me cleverly astray in a few clues.


1.    RESIST  –   (‘rest’-  to include ‘is’ )
4.    CAPSICUM – (cap -*music)
9.    PLANET – (p-lane-t)
10.  HOWITZER – (sounds like how – it’s-a)
12.  DELIVERY – (deli-very – short form of ‘delicatessen’ with ‘very’ with meaning of ‘real’.
                               Another cricketing fan as a setter.)
13.  AGENDA – (sounds like ‘a gender’.  We seem to get a lot of such titillating activity
                                       in crosswords nowadays!)                                                                    
15.  YAWN  – (< n way)
16.  ANTAGONIST – (*stagnation)
19.  NIGHTSHADE – ( *eight hands)
20.  REAM – ( double definition -‘a ream of paper’ and ‘to use a reamer to enlarge a hole’)
23.  GAGGLE – (a flock of geese, when on the ground . {‘a skein’ if in flight.} )
25.  ECLECTIC- (ec-l-ec-tic(<city without ‘y’)
27.  AROMATIC – ( a roma-N-tic – n short for ne or nee, born)
28.  STUCCO – (<cuts-co)
29.  DILATORY – (<lid-a tory)
30.  TWELVE – ( I need help for the explanation of this one.)


1.    RAPIDLY – ( rap-idly – fast as an adverb.)
2.    SCALLYWAG – (‘ally’ within ‘swag’)
3.    SHEAVE – ( ‘he’ within ‘save’. To bundle up the corn etc.)
5.    ALOE – (< ‘eola’ from ‘minneola’.  I don’t really think of aloe as a shrub, but apparently
                       some can even be the size of a tree.)
6.    SMIDGEON – (s-midge-on – a lovely word.)
7.    COZEN – ( ‘dozen’ with the letter before ‘d’ replacing it)
8.    MORDANT – ( *random -t)
11.  TRANCHE – (tranc-h-e.  Shares are often offered in tranches or blocks)
14.  PADDOCK  – ( pad -dock.  This held me up for a while as I had been beguiled
                                    into thinking of’ weed’ as always cannabis etc in crosswords!)
17.  IDENTICAL – (*in dialect)
18.  STALWART – ( st-alw-art)
19.  NIGGARD – ( Nig(H) <drag. Another very expressive word)
21.  MICROBE – (Mic-rob-e – ‘Loot’ used as a verb this time)
22.  BESTOW – (hidden in ‘baBES TO Whom)
24.  GROWL – (gr-owl)
26.  PIER ( pi-P-er )- a sad glance towards Weston-super-Mare this week!

3 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES, no.12834 set by SATORI, July 31 2008”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Hi Octofem

    Sorry but I have to take issue with you on 19d. Surely the definition is ‘One that’s close’ with ‘close’ being used with its meaning of ‘miserly’ and the wordplay is ‘no closer to pulling up’ giving DRAGGIN[g] reversed.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    30a The answer is the clue number (indicated by the four dots) over (divided by) ‘two and a half’.

    ie 30/2.5 = 12

  3. Octofem says:

    Thank you so much for the explanation of 30 across – it was driving me mad. Never thought of the clue number as part of the clue – will look out for that in future. I yield to your solution for ‘niggard’ I was happy with the whole word, but thought the closer was missing from ‘nigh’. Will have to be more meticulous in future. I confess I was quite relieved to get all the answers!

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