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FT 12,835/Adamant – “We are (mildly) amused”

Posted by smiffy on 1st August 2008


At the risk of unintentionally damning with faint praise, I’d describe this as a pretty run-of-the-mill challenge today. A couple of clues stood out for me (e.g. 14A) and 25A was the only unfamiliar answer that required post-solving confirmation.

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Daily Telegraph and Enigmatic Variations puzzles

Posted by neildubya on 1st August 2008


As some of you might know there used to be a blog like this one dedicated to the Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword.  Since its demise a few people have asked if we would be covering the puzzle on this blog. And on a separate note, one of our bloggers asked me about the possibility of covering the Telegraph’s advanced cryptic series, called Enigmatic Variations.

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Guardian goes free

Posted by Colin Blackburn on 1st August 2008

Colin Blackburn.

The Guardian crossword site currently states the following

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Independent 6800 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 1st August 2008


Themed puzzle based on 24.    When I saw HAWK hidden in the 2nd across clue, 6, I went straight to 24, and worked out BIRD.     Bullet-proof clueing as always from Phi.   I worked out quite a few words, new to me, from the wordplay.    Solving time, 17 mins.

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Guardian 24,456/Orlando

Posted by golgonooza on 1st August 2008


This was fairly straightforward and enjoyable; I started off racing through it until a few very clever clues and unfamiliar phrases slowed me down. A few of the clues made me smile – always a bonus!

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Independent 6795/Nimrod (26-07-08)

Posted by neildubya on 1st August 2008

10 (A QUIET COVE)* – EQUIVOCATE. “Divers” is the misleading anagram indicator here as it’s another spelling of “diverse”.
14 PETER SELLERS? – haven’t the faintest idea if this is right but it’s the only thing I can think of that fits. Full clue is: “Purveyor of regular good line and short length Lancashire opener’s hooked across Lord’s”.
20 AFFORESTED – another one I can’t explain: “Unable to see the wood for the trees, upstart defeats pro, getting break”.
22 AR in TAIL (reversed) – LARIAT
23 I,COS,A[-s],HE,A RD< – “function” gave this away from me as once you’ve got ICOS- there aren’t that many alternative answers.
25 EASY STREET – which was also an answer in last week’s prize puzzle.
2 ACQUIRE – sounds like “a choir”.
3 hidden in “worK EITHer” – I did wonder what “not out of” meant but I guess it means that “he’s” inside – i.e., that “not out” is a containment indicator.
4 (ONE’S COVER)* in NATIVE – NEOCONSERVATIVE. I’m a bit unsure about “unsophisticated” for NATIVE – surely “naive” means unsophisticated but in that case where does the T come from.
5 FLANNELLED FOOL,S – Kipling is the “linesman” in question – from his poem “The islanders”: “With the flannelled fools at the wicket or the muddied oafs at the goals.”
8 (GREEN C[-it]Y)* – REGENCY
15 EX,DIE in PENT – tricky one to parse this, but I think “one cast” must be DIE and “lock up” is PENT (the past participle of pen)
21 SM,EAR – SM is “Sergeant-Major”.

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Inquisitor 82 GIVE AND TAKE by Lato

Posted by Hihoba on 1st August 2008


 Loved this puzzle! Great stuff from Lato.

I (HI) can’t take much credit for solving it though. A weekend’s windsurfing left me exhausted physically and in no state mentally to tackle some very tricky clues. Fortunately HO and BA were on form and solved the clues. After a bit of collaboration we sorted out the “Thematic” words. The final strokes of genius came from a friend who said “it can’t be as simple as ‘Chas and Dave’ can it?” and I spotted that CHAD and SAVE could be converted into the aforementioned singers by a simple letter transposition – hence the title GIVE and TAKE. My wife armed with this information looked at the list of thematic words and said “POSH and BECKS” and proceded to solve the pairs!

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