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Financial Times 12838 / Highlander

Posted by C G Rishikesh on August 5th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

We know the words ‘enunciate’ and ‘announce’ but not many of us may be familiar with
the one at 6d. However, it’s obtainable easily from wordplay. Seasoned solvers will get all
the other Down clues in a ‘read the clue and write the answer’ mode. The Across clues are
also on predictable lines. Altogether, a beginner-friendly puzzle.


1 CLAUSE – c(L)ause – container/contained

4 RECEDE – re, cede – charade

8 RACQUET – “racket” – homophone

9 ESPOUSE – E, spouse – charade

11 AFFIRMABLE – a, f, firm,able – charade

12 NEWT – (went)* – anagram

13 TEETH – te, (the)* – charade with an anagram

14 LISTENER – (linerset)* – anagram

16 CRACKPOT – crack, (top)* – charade with an anagram – For me a ‘crackpot’ is a crazy person. Three dictionaries that I looked up support me; only COD has the meaning “eccentric or foolish person”.

18 PASTE – past, E – charade

20 FAIR – double definition

21 PROTRACTED – (reportatDC)* – anagram

23 ALREADY – Al, ready – charade

24 LIBERAL – double definition

25 NETTLE – (letten)* – anagram

26 RELENT – re, Lent – charade


1 CHAFF – cha, ff. – charade

2 ACQUIRE – “a choir” – homophone

3 STEAMSHIP – steams, hip – charade

5 ENSUE – E, N, Sue – charade

6 ENOUNCE – (-m)en, ounce – charade

7 ELSEWHERE – (heelswhere)* – anagram

10 ABOLITION – (aboilonit)* – anagram

13 TARPAULIN – tar, Paul, in – charade

15 SUPERVISE – super, vi, SE – charade

17 CURRENT – cur, rent – charade

19 SECRETE – SE, Crete – charade

21 PEDAL – (plead)* – anagram

22 EXACT – ex, Act – charade

10 Responses to “Financial Times 12838 / Highlander”

  1. Yogendran says:

    Isnt this today’s crossword?

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    If the implication in this pithy question is that all the answers should not have been revealed, I understand that the FT crossword is not on any helpline and that no one’s possible earnings are depredated upon by our going the whole hog.

  3. Yogendran says:

    Perhaps, it would have been nicer of you – if you had waited for the next day before hogging it.

  4. C G Rishikesh says:

    I have not committed any faux pas.

    I have not flouted any rules that are in practice here.

    I have not breached any etiquette.

    In my early blogs I was giving only a few answers but later there were some mentions here that there was no harm in revealing all the answers.

    I don’t think anyone visits here before solving the puzzle themselves in which case perhaps one can say that the revelation of all the answers acted as a spoiler. Or do they?

    Even in the case of other crosswords some answers are held back because on the given day the helpline is on. In the case of the FT puzzle my friends have told me that there was no such phone service so all the answers could be given.

  5. neildubya says:

    Rishi – you’re right on all counts. The Indy and FT puzzles (and soon, the Guardian) are freely available online and do not have an answer line that people can phone to get solutions. Bloggers can feel free to post all the answers to these puzzles in their posts, or not. It’s their choice.

    Yogendran – I’m a little unclear as to why you think Rishi has done something wrong. Could you explain?

  6. Yogendran says:

    I did not mean to imply that anything wrong was done.
    Rishi posted the answer to the crossword on the same day
    that it appeared.
    I look at this webpage regularly, so when i saw (some of)
    the answers, it took some of the edge off my pleasure when
    i later solved it.

    That is all.

  7. neildubya says:

    Fair enough. But, just so you know, all posts (except for prize puzzles) appear on the same day that the puzzle itself appears.

  8. Yogendran says:

    I figured that when i saw todays entry – already solved.

    I learnt to look away carefully before I leapt…

  9. Yogendran says:

    I apologise to Rishi for that (unintentional) aspersion.

    I dont actually look at this EVERYday…

  10. C G Rishikesh says:

    No problem. All is forgotten.

    Maybe I was a little touchy.

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