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FT 12,839 – …Flock Together

Posted by smiffy on 6th August 2008


A  twitcher-friendly theme today – and not one of my personal strong suits, so I was relieved that the thematic examples used were generally common or garden varieties.  I did have to confirm 9A (the most plausible guess, given the obvious wordplay) and 24A (felt vaguely familiar for some unknown reason) post-solving.

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Guardian 24,460/Araucaria – Man, Oh Man

Posted by Andrew on 6th August 2008


Apologies for a brief and slightly belated blog. A nice theme involving various hominids, starting with the first three across clues. I needed to look up a few of the synonyms to check details, but apart from that this was not too troublesome,

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Independent 6,804

Posted by Ali on 6th August 2008


Silly me, I forgot that I’d be nowhere near a PC all day today, so I set about solving this one online at midnight in a bid to get it blogged before bed. As I write/post this, I’ve no idea who the setter is, but it was done and dusted by 12.20am, with no major probs along the way. There’s no Nina that I can see, so I’m guessing it might be Dac. There are some fairly odd/obscure answers in the bottom half though, which always makes me wary, so I’ll have an each-way side bet on it being a Virgilius special that’s gone over my head. Read the rest of this entry »

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