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Independent 6805/Math

Posted by John on August 7th, 2008


A peculiarly tricky crossword from Math today, although I don’t know if that’s because I was trying to combine solving it with listening to the cricket. A couple that I don’t understand, but no doubt they will be explained to me. Also, a bewildering Nina: what does ‘William seventy’ (LH and RH unches) mean? ‘Today’s Birthdays’ doesn’t explain; perhaps it’s something personal to Math. Knowing Math, perhaps it’s the anniversary of some film or film star.

6 WR(EA K(it))ING
10 IN (F) ILL
12 LONG ISLAND — (an old sling)*
15 K IE V(ietnam) — K is the IVR abbreviation for Cambodia (formerly Kampuchea)
18 DEMI-SE(c)
20 chITCHat
21 FULLY GROWN — frown about (l(ooking) ugly)*
26 S(PO)ILT — I’m always thrown by this use of ‘on'; ‘thin mud’ looked like ‘spoil’, but obviously it’s a bit difficult to make ‘banks of river’ = ‘t’
2 WILL — 3 defs I think
3 sweeT OR Iced
4 BILL? Apart from the facts that a rostrum is a bill, and an act (of parliament) isn’t a bill, but is often mistaken for one, I can’t understand this
5 BU(R(idin)G HER)S
7 RON DO, def. ‘piece that’s entertaining’ I think. Not everyone is entertained by a rondo, though, so perhaps I’m missing something
8 GASBAG — (gabs a G)rev.
13 SHE L(e)F(t)
14 D(ougherty) A DD (Jul)Y — not sure about ‘his’
15 KHMER ROUGE — (Greek humor)*
17 PA TRI CIA — I suppose that ‘of three’ is just about OK for ‘tri’
22 WALES — (SE law)rev.
24 cluB AT Hotel
25 URDU I suppose — presumably some sort of homophone that completely escapes me
26 SA LT — why ‘became’ and not simply ‘becomes’?

8 Responses to “Independent 6805/Math”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    4d ‘previous stage for a new act’ = ‘bill’ = ‘a draft of a proposed law’

  2. Pat says:

    Terrific blog. I found this extremely tough. A couple of allusions, like tori for doughnuts, and K for Cambodia, that completely escaped me. In 25d, Urdu is a vague homophone for Cilla Black’s broad Liverpudlian pronunciation of “hairdo”, as the word “hair comes out as “err”, shock here being used as an indicator for hair

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    14d ‘A’ is ‘one’, DD is ‘his degree’. A ‘father’ in the clerical sense could well be a Doctor of Divinity.

  4. Paul B says:

    I agree re ‘became’ which would also seem to apply to ‘encountered’ at 17dn – unless the elements are what we as solvers encounter, of course.

    26ac what’s ‘on river’s banks’ is what’s either side of word or abbrev for river, in Crosswordland.

    14dn DD = a theological qualification, so ‘his’ (Father Dougherty’s).

    25dn = hairdo = state of one’s shock (of hair) in Cillaspeak.

    As mentioned, great blog, and a very nice puzzle indeed, for my money, in the tres modern stylee. Nice to see an absence of tough words in a puzzle that’s somewhat restricted for gridfill by its (presumably personal?) Nina.

    Plaudits to all.

  5. Paul B says:

    WILL’s a double def, by the way.

  6. rayfolwell says:

    I found this easier than usual, but the cricket hadn’t started when I tackled it !
    14D I think “his” refers to Father Dougherty’s degree being a DD.

    2D & 4D presumably refer to the Nina as well.
    Maybe William had some 24,26D’s for his birthday.

  7. John says:

    Thanks for help and kind comments. I can’t see why WILL (2dn) is a double definition: surely a triple def? Wish = will, to leave = will (in the leaving a will sense, will a verb), a man = Will. Otherwise one or two words are redundant.

  8. Paul B says:

    You might be right there John.

    My thinking was as in ‘I will you’ = ‘I wish to leave you’, plus the other bit.

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