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Posted by Octofem on August 8th, 2008


Rather a rush today with mouths to feed etc., and I made things difficult for myself
 by expecting clues to be more complicated than they were! 


1.     QUARTERBACK – (American football position – quarter as in North and South, and
                                           therefore’ point’)
7.     BID – (bird without ‘r’)
9.     ACTOR – ( hidden in ‘fACT ORiginally.)
10.   SEDENTARY- *n trade yes)
11.   MOVIEGOER- dd
12.   IDEAL – (ide-a-l)
13.   RESPITE – (* priest- e)
15.   APSE -( L-apse )
18.   EPIC – (e-picT- one clue where I was looking for an old Scots word instead of the marauding clans)
20.   JOYRIDE – (Joe (as in GI Joe) around*diary without ‘a’)
23.   LAVER- (think this is the star but not sure about the bluish colour etc. – lavender without ‘end’?)
24.   ANASTASIA – (a-n-ast-as-i-a  – asti is the wine – other letters simply initial characters).
26.   WINNEBAGO – ( *gain on web – trade name of a mobile home, based on North American Indian tribe)
27.   SWAMI – (SW for Cornwall.  ami – French for friend –  Swami a Hindu title)
29.   TREE SURGEON – (The service tree- sorbus domestica)

1.     QUAGMIRE -( Someone will have to  explain this word-play to me.)
2.     ACTIVIST – (Act 1-short of vista)
3.     TERSE -(hidden in chapTER SEttled)
4.      RISSOLE – (<sir-sole)
5.      ANDORRA (dual principality)
6.      KANDINSKY -(k-and-in-sky(E) – Russian artist, 1866-1944)
7.      BLAZER – ((b-laze-r)
8.      DAYGLO -(‘ ay’ in letters of ‘gold’  – Trade name for manufacturer of Black light paint.)
14.    IMPERFECT -(I’m perfect – dd.)
16.    DISSUADE – ( di-s-su-ad-e)
17.    VEXATION -(*I’ve no tax)
19.    CHARADE (char -a-d-e – presumably the ‘d’ and ‘e’ restrict the ‘a’ by coming closely after them)
20.    JEALOUS -(j-e-a-lousE)
21.    GLOWER- (g-l-ower -David Gower, the blonde batsman and I think, one-time English Captain, now
                               a popular commentator.
22.    AVENUE -( a-venue -(Spent time trying to find and Australian place here!)
25.    TASER – (tas-T- er, the controversial police stun gun, now being sold fairly indiscriminately
                             as a protective weapon  to women in the States, I hear.  Terrifying thought.)

6 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES No.12,841, set by SLEUTH”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    23a Yes – LAV[end]ER – ‘end being a side of a playing field, court etc and Rod Laver the great Australian tennis player at the time the sport turned professional.

    1d QU (queen) G (government) around A MIRE (problem)

    Quagmire also appeared as one of yesterday’s answers.

  2. Duggie says:

    1d: I was in a right quagmire when I stuck quandary in, thinking I’d work it out later.
    23a: Being colour blind (or just thick), I couldn’t decipher this at all. Maybe I’ve just seen the mauve ones – or neither.

  3. Octofem says:

    Thanks Geoff – I thought I’d seen quagmire very recently!
    Didn’t know that you could use ‘mire’ as a problem.
    Also Duggie – I must say I made heavy weather of some very easy clues, expecting something more involved. Not one of my better days.

  4. Geoff Moss says:

    23a From COD – lavender, pale blue colour with a trace of red

    From Collins – lavender, a pale or light bluish-purple to a very pale violet colour

    Collins also states that lavender has mauve or blue flowers

  5. Geoff Moss says:

    1d From Chambers – mire, any problematical or ineluctable situation

  6. Duggie says:

    23a: I’ve just remembered the song “Lavender’s blue dilly, dilly/Lavender’s green (?)/Soon I’ll be king/You’ll be my queen”. So there you are – chapter AND verse!

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