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Independent 6808 by Monk

Posted by NealH on August 10th, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

I haven’t had chance to see who the compiler is yet, although it seems a bit easier than some of the recent monday puzzles.

1 Sometimes: so me times.
6 Fosse: foe around ss.
9 Coulomb: comb around [j]oul[e].
10 Triumph: trump h around i .
11 Often: [s]often.
12 Unnatural: u[nchristia]n + natural.
14 Eke: hidden.
15 Insecticide: cryptic def.
17 Jugular vein: jug + (I unravel)*.
19 Cat: initial letters backwards.
20 Yom kippur: (up my pork I)*. Good and apt surface meaning, although not quite an &literal.
22 Clash: cash around l.
24 Balloon: boon around all.
26 Unnerve: hidden.
27 Empty: yet* around MP.
28 Millennia: Mil[it]ia around le nn (two lots of new).
1 Sicko: sick + o.
2 Mountie: mo + untie.
3 Thornbill: thorn + b + ill.
4 Mobius strip: cryptic def (a mobius strip only has one surface).
5 Set: final letters.
6 Faint: f + aint.
7 Samurai: Aramis* around u.
8 Ethelbert: Ethel + Bert.
13 Nuclear fuel: (clue funeral)*.
14 Enjoyable: Enable around Joy.
16 Innocence: In n o CE n CE.
18 Gymslip: soundalike of Jim’s lip.
19 Chagrin: GR in chain.
21 Irony: double def.
23 Hyena: H yen a. A hyena isn’t properly a dog, so the “sort of” is needed.
25 Nim: Min[d]<.

4 Responses to “Independent 6808 by Monk”

  1. John H says:

    Monk today.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Top quality clues – I found it a bit easier than usual from Monk.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Yes agreed — the usual top-quality clues from Monk. And also agreed — a bit easier than usual. I’m glad it wasn’t something I had to send in, since I made a great mess of it, initially writing MOEBIUS BAND for 4dn.

  4. Fletch says:

    He used the same device in 10a and 14d though, which I thought was unusual.

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