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FINANCIAL TIMES 12,845, set by AARDVARK – 13 August 2008

Posted by Octofem on August 13th, 2008


A tricky puzzle with one or two involved clues, but entertaining.  Some explanations were not clear to me,
e.g. 23a and 27a.


1.    WILDEBEEST -(*edible stew)
7.    JOAN  – ( female name: jo(B)-an)
9.    DERV  – hidden in CI-der v-INEGAR – Acronym: Diesel Engine Road Vehicle)
10.  SIMNEL CAKE – ( s-*nicemeal to include K for 1000.  Would not necessarily call
                                       this a sweet, or pudding. Traditionally made at Easter.)
11.   STINGO – (s-ting-o – an old beer, sharp or strong liquor)
12.   NAISSANT – ( n-a issan-t – Nissan car manufacturer with ‘a’ and first of turnover)
13.   VALKYRIE – ( <lav- Kyri {ti Kawana, changed from Kiri} -e. Are they goddesses?
                                Handmaidens to Odin in Norse myths, but does this make them so?)
15.   REEF   – (<free, with ‘f’ going to end)
17.   VEAL  – (H-<alve-D)
19.   CHISWICK – (chi-s-w-ick.  Sick as in ‘a sick joke’ i.e tasteless)
22.   MORAY EEL – (Mo-*early with its first letter. ‘Mo’ is often used as abbreviation for Maureen)
23.   CRAVAT – (Not sure about this . Jazz fan is Cat, but is the word play RA for artist, or Rav
                               for musician?)
22.   ART NOUVEAU – (*van outer -au).  Art Movement which peaked in early 20th century)
25.   TOLL – (A-toll:  The Bikini name of 2-piece  swim suit  was taken from Bikini Atoll – some think it was
                        to create a shock equal to the atomic testing at that place.)
27.   SPEY – (Another small answer which has me puzzled.  Where do the ‘spades’  come in?
                        Is the ‘certainly’ <yes or <yep?  Help needed.)
28.   THE TEMPEST – (The {article}- t-emp-est – ‘test’ as in ‘screen’.)

2.    INERTIA- ( *rainiest without ‘s’)
3.    DIVAN – ( diva-n {last letter Carmen})
4.    BISTOURY -( *ritu yobs – omits ‘la’ – a surgical knife with narrow blade used to
                                open abscesses and fistuals – Ugh!)
5.    EMMANUEL COLLEGE – ( *molecule name +leg – College of Cambridge University)
6.    TIEPIN – t- i-ep-in – ( i and odd letters of ‘keep’ in ‘tin.)
7.    JACK STRAW – (Jolly Jack , a sailor, with straw as the sucker.  JS is a Labour MP who
                                      has held various government posts including Sec. of State for Justice
                                      and Lord Chancellor)
8.    ASKANCE – ( Alaskan without LA, + ce – This was a clever mislead as Eskimo came to mind)
14.  KILLARNEY – (kill-*yearn )
16.  TINCTURE – ( tin-c-t-ure – first letter of ‘this’ in cure.  An alcoholic extract such as spirits.
                                Often used humourously when suggesting a drink.)
18.   EGO TRIP  – (e-*gtrio-p – EP record.)
20.   CHABLIS – ( cha-bl-is.)
21.   JESUIT – ( je-suit.  French for ‘I’ with ‘ suit’ for agree with.  Jesuit often used to describe someone
                              with clever but unsound reasoning.  Jesuits were feared by many in the established
                              church because of their influence and ingenuity.)
24.   ACT UP – (* caput)

3 Responses to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12,845, set by AARDVARK – 13 August 2008”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    13a The Australian singer is Kylie (Minogue) with the ‘l’ changed to ‘r’ (changing direction) to give ‘kyrie’

    23a I had this as – RA (artist) V (versus or ‘playing’) in CAT (jazz fan)

    27a I agree – S (spades) YEP (yes or ‘certainly’) reversed

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    11a ‘stingo’ is also defined as ‘punch’ in Chambers

    13a Cambers defines ‘Valkyrie’ as ‘any one of the minor goddesses who conducted the slain from the battlefield of Valhalla’

    22a “*early with its first letter”

    Sorry, but not quite – E[ntice] in MO (Maureen) *(EARLY)

  3. Octofem says:

    Thanks Geoff. Hadn’t thought of V for playing. Must say Kylie didn’t come into mind at all – what does that say about me?
    22a – I agree. In fact I think I did it that way originally and just went astray when I was doing the blog.

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