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Independent 6810 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on August 13th, 2008


Good puzzle, as always from Dac.   This one I found on the easy side esp bottom half of grid.    Solving time, 12 mins.

* = anagram  < = reversed


1 POS(t)ERS     Excellent surface reading

4 CH (IN) A SE  A    rush = chase

10 STE(E)P    Definition very straightforward.   Edge could be either end of precipice so I’d some doubts at first before crossing letters confirmed.

11 EUROT RASH   (route)*   spots = rash    New word for me that I worked out from the wordplay when I’d some crossing letters.    Disparaging US reference to rich Europeans apparently.

12 ITEMISE    Hidden    document (vb) here so clue misled nicely

13 DURABLE   (a builder)* less i      Well-concealed anagram

15 TOAD-IN-THE-HOLE     (Heat oil then do)*    My first answer and one of my favourite dishes, maybe seen less often today.

18 TOP OF THE WORLD    Carpenters hit from 1973 – fairly easy from the enumeration and wordplay

22 IN (DIA) N  A    aid<   inn = local   a = area

24 HAD R(I)AN    Topical

25 PRACTICAL   Double definition – very easy clue

27 ORDER   Double definition


29 PLEDGE   Double definition


1 PA SSIM   (miss)<    Excellent surface

2 STEREOTYPED   (seedy Potter)*   Amusing surface, bringing Dennis to mind

3 REP L ICA   Clue splits seamlessly at model/theatre


6 NITERIE  (in Tiree)*

7 SPA   Hidden reversal

8 A (CHIEf) VER     Aver = state      Can’t ever recall seeing or hearing it other than in a puzzle.

9 F (EVER) ISH    School = collective name for fish


16 T (OWN H) ALL     Definition = municipal building    H = horse (heroin)  have = own  tall = big

17 S (start of show) TRIPPER

19 FR ANTIC(s)


21 EN TREE    Seasoned solvers will think quickly enough of ‘tree’ for plane, perhaps.  en = in (French).   Good surface reading

23 AS C OT     Not quite sure of the wordplay here, but have verified my answer.   I think it’s as = like and (to c)<   with c for cycle.    It’s not however given in any of my dicts to hand as an abbreviation so I may be on the wrong track    “Like to cycle around town”

26 (w)ASP

4 Responses to “Independent 6810 by Dac”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    23d Collins gives ‘c’ as an abbreviation for ‘cycle’ so I think you are right.

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    Re c – cycle: As in so many rpc – revolutions per cycle? Not quite sure.

  3. Geoff Moss says:


    As in cps (cycles per second) the predecessor of Hz as the unit of measurement for frequency.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Looking again at my Collins (2003), I missed the c = cycle, abbreviation 3.

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