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Financial Times 12,836 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 14th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

I purchased my copy of the FT containing this puzzle at the railway station in Wörgl, Austria, a place I had never heard of until I found myself changing trains there while heading to Munich from my vacation spot in the Tyrol. How splendid, thought I, that I can buy my favourite weekend paper in such a place and enjoy starting the puzzle as I sped through the Bavarian countryside. And enjoy it I certainly did — I think this puzzle shows Cincinnus at his finest with a couple of very juicy cryptic definitions.


1. CHARLTON HESTON – NOT backwards + H[ead] in CHARLESTON (dance)
10. SCRAM – S (bearing) + CRAM (stuff). This clue works brilliantly but was the most difficult for me after 25A.
11. RACONTEUR – anagram of OR CENTAUR
12. ORIGAMI – AM (morning) in ORIGI[n] (dawn mostly)
13. ECHIDNA – anagram of CAN HIDE. I have seen many clues for this word. This one may be both the simplest and the best.
14. ERASE – reverse hidden word
15. GENEVIEVE – cryptic definition. I am not sure I completely understand this clue but, knowing the movie, it was easy enough to guess. At first I thought it referred to a Billy Wilder film but, as best I can determine, he had nothing to do with Genevieve. For those who may not know, the title refers to a car.
19. EYE OPENER – cryptic definition
20. NITRE – NIT (fool) + RE (about)
22. REVERED – REVERE (as in Paul) + [esteeme]D
25. AT A PUSH – anagram of PUT A in ASH (tree). I trust this is the right answer — I am not familiar with the expression.
27. TIGHT SPOT – TIGHT (pickled) + SPOT (see). Lovely!
28. PLAIN – double definition

2. HERMITAGE – HERM (island) + IT (it) + AGE (a long time)
3. RUMBA – RUM (odd) + BA[nd]
4. TURNING ON – cryptic definition
5. NICHE – H (hotel) in NICE (French resort)
6. EINDHOVEN – anagram of IVE + HERNDON
7. TWEED – TWEE (precious) + D (diamonds)
8. NARRATE – ARRAN (island) backwards + [vo]TE
9. ASHORE – anagram of A HEROS
15. EUPHRATES – anagram of PURE AS THE
17. NOR’EASTER – [celebratio]N + OR (or) + EASTER (festival)
18. ENTOURAGE – anagram of OUT in ENRAGE (madden)
19. ERRATUM – A (a) + RR (Rolls Royce) in MUTE (saying nothing) all backwards
21. ETHANE – hidden word
23. VEGAN – EG (say) in VAN (vehicle)
24. DUPLE – L (large) in DUPE (fool)
26. ALPHA – cryptic definition

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12,836 by Cincinnus”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    15a I had this as GENE (Wilder, actor) VI EVE (two girl’s names)

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, yes, that must be it! Thank you, Geoff.

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