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FT 12,846/Bradman

Posted by smiffy on August 14th, 2008


I found this less challenging than usual for Bradman. Nothing fundamentally wrong with that; the clueing is as watertight and scrupulously fair as ever. And the fact that I’m uncertain whether I have 8D correct must mean there is still more than enough je ne sais quoi floating around in here!

7 ALSO – hidden
9 O,DER – (red)<, this particular “flower” flows along the German-Polish border
10 MID(SHIPMA)N – (mishap)* in (mind)*, “Easy” being the literary exemplar.
11VE(ST)AL – I’ve only just realised; isn’t the phrase “vestal virgins” somewhat tautological?
13 G,RUBB(I)ER – Rubber being the bridge term that’s occasionally applied to more testosterone-fuelled sports (mainly “best of” playoff series in US sports).
15 TOG,S – (S[-on],got)<
17 PO,LO
19 PROPER,TY – T[-hrill] Y[-ou]
22 BAD HABIT – double def’n
23 SA,MOAN – “Militia” = SA (a.k.a. Sturmabteilung, or stormtroopers to us Inselaffen).
25 TOP, THE BILL – (Pot)<
26 NI(L)E – L[-ake] in (Ein)<
27 GLE[-b]E
28 TAKE TO TASK – literal/figurative double def’n>

2 OLD DEAR – I found this cryptic definition a little too transparent.
3 AFR[-aid],IT – A demon, whose name should be familiar to anyone who’s ever read our setter’s oft-cited Manual!

5 INDIAN ROPE TRICK – (Director in pink, a)*. I know what it is, but not why it may only fool some people…
6 MOHAIR – hidden <
7 A,P,POINT,EE – final letters of “the nice” = EE
8 SLAKING – Not sure this one is correct? I could see water=”lake”, but that’s about it (Edit: Make that SEALING, with the homophone of “ceiling”. Thanks to the man himself for setting me straight).
14 BROCHETTE – (herb etc to)* – the first of back-to-back, French-based anagrams.
16 COR,SELET – (steel)*
21 OBJECT – a double def’n that seems to be cropping up all over the place in recent weeks.
24 MON,ET – a refreshingly thorough definition of ET (we usually see it indicated simply as “film”)

One Response to “FT 12,846/Bradman”

  1. Bradman says:

    8D : Try SEALING and think about it! Thanks for nice review.

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