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Guardian 24,469 (Sat 16 Aug)/Taupi – Leave of absence

Posted by rightback on August 25th, 2008


Solving time: Forgot to write down, but about 8 minutes I think

This is my first blog for a few weeks, so thank you very much to bridgesong and Uncle Yap who have blogged Saturday prize puzzles in The Guardian in the intervening period.

The usual good stuff from Taupi this week, with a few quibbles here and there. I’m not sure about the answer to 4dn.

* = anagram.

1 APPAREL; ARE in APPL[e] – I don’t think ‘…covered with no end of fruit’ is the same as ‘…covered with fruit having no end’, but I’ve seen this wording before in the Guardian.
9 STRAP; rev. of PARTS – this is very sneaky: the clue is ’16 sections’, and the answer to 16dn is BIND OVER, which then has to be split up in the wordplay into ‘bind’ (definition) and ‘over’, which is the reversal indicator for ‘sections’ = PARTS.
10 APPREHEND (double definition)
11 ELDER BERRY – refers to Chuck_Berry.
12 STE[a]M
18 IMPERTINENCE; I + M + ((TIN in RE) in PENCE) – difficult wordplay; ‘about chemical in’ has to be read as ‘about (RE) with chemical (TIN) inside’ which is stretching things a little.
21 D(R)IP – but I can’t see how DRIP = ‘wet’ or ‘to get wet’.
22 CLOSED SHOP – one of my favourites in this puzzle: ‘Taking on restrictions’, i.e. restrictions regarding who is taken on, is the cunning definition, and ‘6’ means ‘6 o’clock’ rather than clue number 6.
25 V + INDICATE – as in the previous clue, ‘5’ doesn’t represent a clue number.
26 LARGE (hidden backwards)
27 RELIANT; N in (RETAIL)* – this wordplay (‘Name involved in retail’) doesn’t seem to indicate the anagram properly.
28 ANOMALY; ANIMAL with O for I, + Y (= ‘year’)
1 A(N,S,W,E)R – ‘Complete directions’ indicates all the points of the compass.
2 PARODY; ROD (= ‘staff’) in PAY (= ‘wages’)
3 REPERTOIRE; R (= ‘runs’), + (PER TO) in EIRE
4 LEAVE? – not sure about this one. It seems to work as a double definition for LEAVE (‘Agreement’ and ‘to let live with freedom from disturbance’), but ‘Agreement to let’ looks as though it might define ‘lease’, although I can’t then make ‘live with freedom from disturbance’ fit the wordplay.
5 SUPERSEDE; PE[a]RS in SUEDE – one of the most misspelt words in the English language, apparently, through incorrect assocations with ‘cede’, ‘precede’, ‘intercede’ etc.
6 PEEP – two definitions (‘Look’ and ‘to make a little noise’), plus a palindrome indicator (‘anyway’).
7 OVERT + [l]AKE
8 TIDEMARK; rev. of IT, + DE[n]MARK – on an Olympic theme, a quiz question: in which event did Denmark win a gold medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games?
13 PECCADILLO; (E.C. + CAD) in PILL, + O – I like ‘E.C. CAD’ for ‘city slicker’, and will forgive the naughty hyphen in ‘pill-popping’.
15 BRILL + I(AN)T – the desirable quality is ‘IT’, and the fish is the BRILL which is apparently related to the turbot.
17 OPTIONAL; (OIL ON TAP) – very well-worded anagram.
19 CHORE + A – a nervous condition.
23 SHEBA; SHE + rev. of A.B.
24 PITA; rev. of (A TIP)

9 Responses to “Guardian 24,469 (Sat 16 Aug)/Taupi – Leave of absence”

  1. Comfy Settee says:

    I think 4d is LEASE … L + EASE..

  2. Comfy Settee says:

    (where L=’live’, as in wiring)

  3. mhl says:

    In 21 across I think it’s the noun sense of “wet” – someone who is a drip might be a wet.

    I was quite happy with “involved in” as an anagram indicator, since it certainly suggested mixing to me. (Chambers has “to entangle” and “to complicate” as possible definitions for “involve” as well.)

    (I’d be interested in the answer to the Danish Olympic trivia question!)

  4. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Rightback. I’m relieved to find that I was not entirely alone re 4dn [see today’s Rufus blog – Geoff, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never rewired a plug!]

    I liked this puzzle. I got 14ac a few minutes before realising it was an anagram – cleverly concealed, I thought. I liked 22ac too.

    In the paper version, the clue for 27ac was ‘No one [not name] involved in retail banking’.

  5. Eileen says:

    mhl: it’s the Commonwealth Games – try Googling!

  6. mhl says:

    Ah, that misreading explains my lack of success in finding out :)

  7. rightback says:

    I wondered about L + EASE for 4d but I don’t think I’ve seen L clued as ‘live’ in a crossword before. It’s not in Chambers, whereas E = ‘earth’ is (but maybe that’s in a different sense?).

    21ac – thanks Mhl, I didn’t know the nounal sense of ‘wet’.

    For anyone struggling with the trivia question (see 8dn), the answer is here. Well done if you knew the answer!

  8. Matthew says:

    I think ‘about chemical’ in 18ac is supposed to indicate NITRE reversed.

  9. rightback says:

    Yes, you’re probably right – although I don’t like ‘about X’ meaning ‘reverse of X’ any more than ‘X Y in’ for ‘Y inside X’!

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