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Independent 6820 by Hypnos

Posted by NealH on August 25th, 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

I found this very difficult, particularly the bottom right hand corner. There were two or three I didn’t understand and a few obscure words (tosh, lig) that I hadn’t come across before.

7 Lagoon: loon around a g.
8 Campaign: Camp + gain*.
9 Lounge suit: l + out around genius*.
10 Blog: bog around l.
11 Aeneas: Sene[c]a< around a.
12 Snatches: I didn’t follow this one – “Special dancing performances and lyrical excerpts”. I assume the definition is excerpts, but I’m not sure of the rest.
14 Ealing: [d]ealing.
16 Distil: hidden.
19 Open door: op + Roone[y]< around d.
21 Belief: BEF around ELI. BEF was the British Expeditionary Force, the name for the army sent to France and Belgium in World War I.
23 Tosh: Double def. Tosh is another of those Scottish dialect words that I sadly miss out on as a result of living in England.
24 Gunslinger: Sling in gun[n]er and ref Jesse James. With so many Jameses around, I found this very tough. Having got the g and n, I was convinced for a while that the answer might be Gandolfini (of the TV series, The Sopranos).
25 Steinway: Another one whose wordplay I don’t understand – “Maybe, a grand style introduced by chef”. I assume “a grand [piano]” = Steinway, but don’t follow the rest.
26 Tattoo: double def which was cunningly made to look like an anagram.
1 Gasolene: (A l[incol]n goes)* around e.
2 Ronnie: Hidden, reversed. Ref to the Two Ronnies.
3 Enters into: (stern tone I)*.
4 Emit: Time<.
5 Tabby Cat: Tat around cabby*.
6 Ignore: I + Gore around n.
8 Cruise: soundalike of crews + Tom.
13 Amiability: A liability with m replacing l.
15 Linchpin: Homophone of Lynch (David) + PIN.
17 Liegedom: Lig E around e + dom. I’d never come across lig but apparently it’s a slang word for to laze around.
18 Brandy: B + randy.
20 Pronto: PR + on to[ry].
22 Length: Another one that’s lost on me – “Part of swim twice in Hellespont ?”. Part of swim = length, but I don’t follow the rest.   Is it just l = length and there are two of them in Hellespont ?
24 Gawp: (p + wag)<.

7 Responses to “Independent 6820 by Hypnos”

  1. Fletch says:

    25 is probably referencing Rick Stein + way.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    12a S (special) NATCHES (dancing performances) – ‘natch is an alternative spelling for ‘nautch’ and in India a nautch is a performance given by professional dancing women known as nautch-girls.

    The definition is ‘lyrical excerpts’, ‘snatch’ being defined as ‘a fragment, eg of song or verse’.

  3. Quixote says:

    The perimeter message made it solvable within a reasonable time for this colleague recovering from a tummy bug! Greetings reciprocated!

  4. Barbara says:

    22. length
    This probably refers to the nightly swim that Leander made crossing the Hellespont to meet with his lover, Hero. He would swim back and forth (two lengths)each night until one night he drowned in a rough sea.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Even though I noticed the perimeter message early on, I found this was a tough puzzle, probably because the message maybe forced less familiar words into the grid. Favourite clue: BELIEF

  6. Richard Palmer says:

    Like the others I found this extremely hard. It took me most of the day on and off to solve it. I discovered the perimeter message quite late on and that enabled me to finish it.
    This used up all the time I saved this weekend by a ridiculously easy Listener.

  7. Paul B says:

    The LENGTH joke is the two Ls seen in He LL espont, I’m afraid. We are sent by the compiler back to the Classics just for effect, so a very nice clue.

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