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Is free Guardian crossword up?

Posted by C G Rishikesh on September 1st, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

I was looking forward to the Guardian’s free crossword this morning (Sept. 1) but even past noon IST it has not appeared.

I have been a registered user of the website (though not a paid subscriber to the crossword) and now when I click on Crosswords on the Home page I am taken only to the announcement.

When does The Guardian usually upload the puzzles (in GMT)?

Has anyone been able to get the freed crossword?


in Madras that is Chennai, India

10 Responses to “Is free Guardian crossword up?”

  1. Jean says:

    It is 15:40pm in the UK and I still can’t access the crossword, just keep getting the announcements page. I’ve just sent feedback to the crossword editor asking for a link to the puzzles.

  2. beermagnet says:

    I tried to comment just now but it sends my comment to the spam bucket if I dare to put a www link in it. So I hope you know what to replace the “MainGuardianPage” entries with below:

    I was logged in OK using my crossword service account that had automatically signed in, so I signed out but I can still access OK so try this:
    On the “MainGuardianPage” very top right-hand corner drop-down “go to” list select “crossword”.
    This should go to the main crossword page using “MainGuardianPage”/crossword/0,,,00.html?gusrc=gpd
    but just
    seems to work just as well.
    Of course, because I previously had a crossword service account, although it clearly has a “sign in” option in the top left hand corner (rather than my email address as is usual) it could be that somehow it is remembering that I have access.

  3. Harris says:

    Thanks Beermagnet, that works fine for non-subscribers too.

  4. C G Rishikesh says:

    I have since been able to reach the crossword by doing the same thing that I did before – clicking on Crosswords on the right panel after having signed in.

    By what time is the crossword uploaded usually? Is it the same time every day, give or take 30 minutes? A response to this will be highly appreciated.

  5. beermagnet says:

    I’m not sure exactly when the daily crosswords are “made available”, or if this is indeed a standard time – I have tried at approx. 1 a.m. sometimes and it’s hit and miss if they are there or not.
    One thing though – the links on the Main Guardian Crossword main under “Latest Guardian Crosswords” are often not updated till much later in the day.
    When the crossword are actually available you can get to them using the “Crossword Archive Search” at the bottom of that screen – I tend to use Serial Number. If the Crossword is not yet available it will tell you.

  6. Peterthewolf says:

    At 18:15 UK time the new service was fully open for me. I do not have an account.

  7. ACP says:

    The puzzles are pretty reliably available for me at 10am Sydney time. I think we’re 10 hours ahead of GMT.
    BUT, when opening the Crossword page, I have to click on ‘Cryptic’ among all the options at the top, rather than seeing it in ‘Latest Guardian crosswords’.

  8. ACP says:

    Nup, it appears we’re currently 9 ahead, 10 in Summer.

  9. ACP says:

    Nup again, we are 10 ahead of GMT but it seems that GB is 1 ahead in your Summer. Sheesh.

  10. C G Rishikesh says:

    >When the crossword are actually available you can get to them using the “Crossword Archive Search” at the bottom of that screen – I tend to use Serial Number. If the Crossword is not yet available it will tell you.

    Beermagnet, thanks for this very useful tip. Today at 7 a.m. IST I have got
    the latest crossword.

    To others: After reaching the Home page, click on ‘Crosswords’ under ‘On this site’. This takes you to the Crosswords page. Though it has “Latest Guardian crosswords”, the date may not be today’s. (This seems to undergo changes at a later stage in the process.) To get the really latest crossword, scroll down the Crossword page and in the Crossword archive search put the serial number: you get today’s crossword even when the date on Crosswords page is yesterday’s.

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