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Private Eye/Cyclops 372 – Entertaining

Posted by beermagnet on September 1st, 2008


An entertaining puzzle in more than one sense – I enjoyed it – and there are clues using “entertained by” as “container and contents” indicator more than once, but I only point this out because I noticed it, they are both very good clues. (I’m sure no-one notices these things unless e.g. doing a blog.)
Not as easy as last time, but nothing dreadfully hard.

1/4 ROBERT MUGABE CD Unfortunately the “secondary” meaning is probably more true than the surface reading
8 STRIPTEASE STRIP (band) TEA (drink) S (speed) E (ecstasy)
9 NERO [labou]R inside NEO (new)
10 PLANCK PLAN (method) C[oc]K (emptied penis)  (Note to self: Include wry comment about his tiny constant h or his “difficult” relation E=hv) No doubt he, like many old-timey quantum physicists would have liked to have been around for big bang day 10-Sep-2008.
11 STERLING ER (Brenda) L (line) inside (entertained by) STING (rock star)
Favourite clue award goes to this:
Entertained by rock star, Brenda’s given “line” – “Top-notch!” (8)
12 TRUE BLUE TRUE (right) BLUE (depressed)
15 CAMPLY C[amilla] AMPLY (in a big way)
17 TRIANGLE (ALTERING)* Anagrind: nuts
19 EMBEZZLE B[rown] and ZZ (sounds of sleep) inside (MELEE)* Anagrind: broadcast. It is a shame that the clue surface wasn’t very smooth, I don’t like these anagram indicators in brackets – they seem too much like they have been tacked on as an afterthought.
21 EXPECT I think this is probably a CD referring to pregnancy, i.e. “expecting”. What does the team think? Full clue:
Labour not necessarily a welcome prospect for those who do (6)
23/14 ANTI-SEMITE AN (article) (IT)< (it’s backed) (TIMES)< (regressive newspaper) E[ditor]
25 CRIMEA Homophone “Cry Mia” The homophone indicator is “vociferously” rather than “sing” which is part of the the secondary clue. Full clue:
Sing out “Mia” vociferously – it’s a war scene (6)
26 EFFETE E and F (two large bra sizes) FETE (fundraiser)
1 RATTLER (ARSE LET)* Anagrind: out
No! It is RAT (arse) (LET)* [trouse]R  Thanks Rich
2 BRIAN I (one) inside (captivated) BRAN (bit of rough at breakfast)
3 RUTH KELLY (HURLEY KIT use L instead of I)* Anagrind: off. I liked this clue providing, as it does, an image of an archetypal Daily Hurleygraph front page:
Hurley with kit off, left for one minister (4,5)
4 MY EYE MY (Cyclops’s) EYE (organ)
5 GENTLEMEN GENTLE (soft) MEN (soldiers)
6 BARONET (NEAT BORIS minus IS)* Anagrind: rocking
7 HASSLE ASS (twit) L[ondon] inside (entertained by) HE (diplomat: His Excellency)
13 EUPHEMISM (E HUMP ME IS)* Anagrind: rewritten
14 SKIVES OFF V[ictoria] inside SKIES then OFF – maybe – I’m not sure about this besides the definition. Full clue:
Evades responsibility, heaves up over Victoria’s top – infra dig (6,3)
16 ALMONER [s]ALMON (party leader extremely lacking, Ref Alex S of the SNP) ER (Brenda)
17 TREATY EAT (stuff) inside TRY (tax)
18 LICENCE ENC[losure] inside LICE (lousy types)
20 ZEBRA [o]Z (half of Australia) E[lectronic] BRA (underwear)
22 PULSE (PLUS)* E[rection] Anagrind: smashing

6 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 372 – Entertaining”

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Beermagnet,

    I made the same mistake with 1A initially there is no second ‘T’ in ARSE LET

    could it be RAT (arse) TEL (let*) (trouse)R?

    I prefered the letters RA…ER for arse but that left TTL which I couldn’t make work

    any ideas?

  2. beermagnet says:

    Rich, you’re right with your “RAT” analysis. Cheers.

  3. Geoff Moss says:

    1d I also had it as RAT *(LET) [trouse]R

  4. Harris says:

    Think you’re spot on with 21ac, the “labour” being of the pregnancy type.

    Also agree on 14dn, although I felt that “off” for “infra dig” wasn’t all that good.

    Enjoyable stuff, but I thought it was pretty weak that 1ac was the same joke as was used on the previous edition’s front cover. I wonder who thought of it first, Cyclops or an Eye sub?

  5. Pricklewedge says:

    Does anyone else get cruciverbal performance anxiety? I got absolutely nowhere with this one. I started on it in over a coffee in Clapham Junction on the first day of issue (fnar fnar) and got distracted by delayed train anouncements… concentration went to pot and couldn’t get a single clue. But then, everytime I looked at it afterwards I was stuck with the same block. Maybe it’s just me…

  6. John King says:

    My first self-completed Eye! Well I am a beginner.

    Got stuck on 15a and 24a didn’t make too much sense in my mind. Also I was ure that LEVY was the fundraiser in 26a which slowed me down immensely.

    Oh and ‘infra dig’? Far too nasty a phrase.

    *Completed todays crossword in 2hrs! Get me!

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