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Financial Times / 12862 by Armonie

Posted by C G Rishikesh on September 2nd, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Late blog because of late uploading of puzzle.

Some clues may have familiar wordplay but the puzzle on the whole is enjoyable.


1 BETRAY – bet, ray –  to ‘betray’ is not just to tell but to tell something in a breach of trust
4 CROSSBOW – cross,bow
10 CARNATION – car, nation – did you at first count the letters in ‘motor race’ and think the answer was an anagram?
11 ON CUE – “on!”, cue (ignoring the initial capital in “Rod”)
12 CHIP – c, hip The initial capital in ‘Nick’ is in its own right as it starts a sentence, but as def. for word required it is ‘nick’ 
13 INDISTINCT – in(Di)stinct
15 ATHLETE – let in ‘athe’ (anag. of ‘heat’)
16 GARAGE – gar(-b)age – I don’t find any support for b as an abbr. for ‘barrel’, maybe it’s a case where we have to substitute the initial letter of a given word 
21 FLAVOUR – f(L)avour
23 STANDPOINT – stand, point (ignoring the initial capital in Spike)
25 SMUT – tums<
27 EXTRA – e(x,t)ra – Is there any dictionary support for t = tenor?
28 PERSIMMON – P, ersimmon (anag. of misnomer)
29 DECODERS de(cod)er,s – ‘Does’ in wordplay is n. pl. of ‘doe’ giving ‘deer’ – During World War II, Bletchley Park was the location of the United Kingdom’s main codebreaking establishment. I may be excused if at first I was looking for a word like ‘decoding’ – the clue as written does not seem to demand a noun as the answer word
30 GLANCE – g,lance


1 BACKCHAT – back, chat – ‘chat’ is a small songbird
2 TARNISHED – tarn, I, shed – ‘tarn’ is a small mountain lake
3 AJAR – a, jar
5 RANKING – ran, king (ignoring the initial capital in Rex)
6 SHORTBREAD – short, bread
7 BACON – BA, con – the reference may be to Roger Bacon or Francis Bacon (who is also known for his Essays) 
8 WREATH – anag. of ‘The war’
9 FIANCE – fi(n)ance (you’ve to remove only one name, though!)
14 SECOND HAND – second hand – wordplay is passable – while referring to the part of a watch I think we would say ‘seconds hand’, not ‘second hand’
17 GROOMSMAN – G (rooms) man – Whether ‘apartment’ (in singular) can give ‘rooms’ is debatable
18 PRETENCE – ‘retenc’ (anag. of ‘recent’) in PE (physical education)
20 SHOPPER – s, hopper – ‘shop’, v., is to inform the police against someone. Whether ‘shopper’ is used to refer to a person who does this activity, a native speaker of English must tell me, for I haven’t come across it in reading  
21 FINERY – (-RE)finery
22 ASCEND – anag. of ‘dances’
24 ATTIC – solved from the def. ‘Greek’ (I recall Keats’s ‘Attic shape’) – The deletion-wordplay eludes me at the moment
26 MILL – two def. – one is a reference to John Stuart Mill, English philosopher

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  1. Geoff Moss says:

    24a [l]ATTIC[e]

    b=barrel and t=tenor are both in Chambers

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