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Financial Times, 12,863, Set by Cinephile, Sep 03, 2008

Posted by Octofem on September 3rd, 2008


Another treat from the Reverend  – I see he is on duty at the Guardian today too in his other
 persona. I thought at first that I was looking for numbers, having got 1d and 19a very quickly,
but then realised that it was conveyances which had to be added to the starred clues.  This made it much
easier in most cases, but I need more erudite solvers to help with one or two.


1.     SINGLET -(single ‘t’)
5.     SWITCH  – (s-witch)
8.     EXTENUATE – (ex-ten-u-*tea)
9.     TRAMP  -( tram-p)
11.   GULAR – ( definition, pertaining to the throat. I think this is a play on ‘irregular’, but
                           can’t quite see the details.)
12.   NATURALLY – (*aunt-rally)
13.  TUTELARY   -( *a utterly)
15.   LAUNCH -(l-a-unch)
17.   FABIUS – ( fab-i-us.   Roman Politician born around 280 BC. Socialist PM of France 1980’s)
19.  CARDINAL – (car-din-al)
22.  ASSAILING – (as-sailing)
23.  SLANG -(dd)
24.  DRILL   – ( dd. olive-brown primate, like a baboon, from West Africa)
25.  CHARABANC – (ch-arab-anc – short of ‘chance’)
26.  COHERE- ( co-here)
27.  DRY WALL -( d-ry-w-all)

1    SLEIGHT OF HAND- (sleigh-*font had)
2.    NOT A LOT – ( ‘a lot’ as in auction.)
3.    LINER – (dd – bin-liner )
4.    TRAINERS -(train-er’s)
5.    SHEATH -(s-heat-h – ‘sh’ for ‘say nothing’)
6.    INTERLARD – ( being ‘into lard’ I presume is to be trying to use re-cycled lard for vehicle fuel, therefore
                                    greener as with Sunflower Oil)
7.    CHAPLIN – (chap-l-in.  Charlie Chaplin of course.)
10.   PSYCHOLOGICAL -( The ‘vehicle’ aspect of this answer escapes me. ‘-ogical’ can cover ‘in charge
                                              of goal possibly’ but the rest has me stumped)
14.   LAURIE LEE – ( la-uriel-ee – Los Angeles, Uriel- fourth of the Archangels, ee, errors and exceptions)
                                   Author of ‘Cider with Rosie’, his books were based on the Cotswolds landscapes)
16.   VANGUARD – (van -*a drug)
18.   BUSHIDO  – ( bus-hid-o – Nothing to do with American president, but reference to old feudal code of
                                   of the Samurai in Japan)
20.   NIAGARA – (<again – Ra .the Sun God)
21.   FIACRE – ( <if-acre  – Hackney carriage in France.  Older solvers will remember Jean Sablon’s
                             (Un fiacre allait trottinant——-)
23.   SHADY – (dd).

2 Responses to “Financial Times, 12,863, Set by Cinephile, Sep 03, 2008”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    11a [sin]GULAR

    10d PSYCHOL (homophone of ‘cycle’) *(IC GOAL)

  2. Octofem says:

    I was sure I could depend on you, Geoff. Many thanks.

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