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Chambers Dictionary 11th Edition

Posted by Gaufrid on September 4th, 2008


If you have bought, or are about to buy, the 11th Edition please check it carefully. Today I have found that my copy has pages 1168 to 1216 missing and pages 1217 to 1264 duplicated. This might not be an isolated occurence.

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  1. C G Rishikesh says:

    Some years ago I bought a de luxe Indian edition of the Chambers dictionary. Later, when I was looking up some word, I found several pages misplaced. I went to the marketing office of the publisher asking for a replacement. They didn’t have the de luxe edition: the copies of the edition that they proffered were not to my liking. So I chose to stay with the defective copy that I had. I made some pencil markings on the misplaced pages so I would know where I have to turn.

  2. Andrew says:

    Phew, my copy seems OK, at least as far as the page ranges you mention are concerned. Is it just me, or are the pages made of flimsier paper than in earlier editions?

  3. Gaufrid says:

    No, it’s not just you. The 2008 pages measure 0.05mm whereas those in 1998 were 0.06mm (I don’t know about 2003).

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