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Posted by Gaufrid on September 4th, 2008


I wasn’t scheduled to blog today and so didn’t make any notes whilst solving. I am therefore relying on my somewhat deficient memory for the following.

I found this harder than usual to get in to and took nearly twice as long as usual to complete the grid. With hindsight this may just have been me feeling below par today, but perhaps this was not helped by some slightly morbid content (tumbrel/hearse, assassin/strangle etc), not to mention the various medical references.

On reflection, having completed the blog, this seems to be a rather gloomy crossword in many places both within the clues and in some of the answers.


1 SCURVY  S (onset of sleeping) CURVY (not straight)

4 ENDANGER  END (close) ANGER (fiery reaction)

9 MOBILE  dd

10 INCIDENT  CI (101) in INDENT (order)

12 AVERSION  A VERSION (cover, eg a new version of a song)

13 PANDER  homophone of ‘panda’

15, 16 HALF-AND-HALF  dd – in my youth this usually referred to half of bitter and half of mild in the same glass

20, 21 STEEPLEJACK  ST (street) E E (energy doubled) [ap]PLEJACK (cider brandy with a p removed)


26 ASSASSIN  ASS ASS (boobs) IN (fashionable) – ‘boob’ = stupid person = ‘ass’

28 STURGEON  T (back of protect) in SURGEON (operator)

29 HEARSE  HEAR (to pick up) S E (points, of the compass)

30 ON THE SLY  *(honestly)

31 PROFIT  cd


1 SYMPATHY  MY (setter’s) reversed PAT (gentle touch) in SHY

2 UMBRELLA  [t]UMBREL (uncovered cart …..) LA (the French) – a ‘tumbrel’ was a cart that took prisoners to the guillotine

3 VALISE  hidden word in ‘surviVAL IS Exceptional’ – a valise is an overnight travelling bag

5, 14 NONETHELESS  NO NET (what daring high-wire performers may have) HE LESS (no men) – definition ‘however’

6 AMICABLE  – with C (caught) removed becomes ‘amiable’

7 GREEDY  G (start of grating) REEDY (piping) – I am assuming ‘after that and that’ is indicating being ‘greedy’

8 RETORT  dd

11, 27 COUNTERFOIL  COUNTER (scotch) FOIL (scotch again)

17 STRANGLE  L (line) in STRANGE (unfamiliar)

18 SANSERIF  *(fairness)

19 SKIN TEST  dd


23 INSULT  hidden word in ‘HusseINS ULTimate’

24 CAREER  E (drug) in CARER (nurse) – I was going to quibble about this one but Chambers does confirm that ‘career’ can be used as an adjective, as in ‘a career man’ = ‘a professional man’

One Response to “FINANCIAL TIMES 12,864 by SATORI”

  1. Octofem says:

    I found it difficult too. On examination, it really does have a lot of gloom. Maybe Satori was having a bad day too! Hope tomorrow is more cheerful for you.

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