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Independent 6830 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on September 5th, 2008


An elegant puzzle by Phi – solving time 17 mins.    A theme/Nina to it, which I refer to after the clue explanations.

* = anagram  < = reversed


1 P (L) ACES

5 ROAD TEST   O in (started)*


10 L U  twice i.e LULU

11 RE (PR IS) AL

12 RAP I.E. R (run)

13 SU FI   (if US)<

15 PRETORIA   e in (airport)*

18 I DOLATE R   (to lead)* &lit

19 TEEN(y)

21 FR APP(l)E

23 H AND H ELD  (LED)*

25 A ID A   ID = name



28 RESULT   Hidden but the ‘ultimately’ nicely misled suggesting last letter.


2 LI (LL) E     Not sure if there are Indy solvers in Lille  to comment on seeing their city defined as a station…

3 CHOIRGIRL   (rich Glori)*

4 S A (DI’S) M    Had to think a bit before seeing American = am not just a so plumping for sadism not sadist, with the former always looking more likely from the definition.

5 ROYAL OPERA HOUSE   (poo rehearsal you)*   in London


7 TU (L I) P       p (i l) ut    all<

8 SILVE RISE    (Elvis)*    Tricky as the surface reading at first suggested containment

14 UNDERMINE   (ruined men)*

18 OUTSHINES  (the sun so I)*

17 AT TEST OveR    Good

20 A N(navy) CHOR(e)


24 LEG AL(l)

Theme and Nina:   This blogger is no opera buff and has learned most of his knowledge about it from doing crosswords.     I see here in the Left and Right columns PARSIFAL (by Wagner), and TURANDOT (by Puccini) – seeing this with some letters to go helped me complete the solve.   The ROYAL OPERA HOUSE  in the centre column is therefore thematic too I guess.    And I think I see two more, symmetrically placed – 10 across (LULU by Berg) and 25 across (AIDA by Verdi).

2 Responses to “Independent 6830 by Phi”

  1. beermagnet says:

    Oh! I must get better at spotting these Ninas!
    It’s a nice clear one too.
    The only answer I didn’t get was AIDA but feel I would’ve if I’d had that opera theme in mind.

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    As with Dac’s crosswords, very little to say. Nothing controversial, all very good, utterly satisfactory puzzle. I didn’t even look for a Nina until nmsindy mentioned that there was one, and there it was, easy to see when you look. And like Beermagnet, I failed on AIDA but, as he would have done, saw it at once when the Nina became apparent.

    I really must stop seeing ‘South America(n)’ as SA, since I couldn’t explain SADISM.

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