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Azed 1892 – plainly

Posted by ilancaron on September 7th, 2008


Having confined myself to a strict diet of The Listener over the last few months (and at the other end of the spectrum, the Times2 crossword), it was refreshing to solve a puzzle with no ulterior motive: i.e. no ninas, gimmicks, themes nor tricks. As per usual, a couple of unexplained wordplays that my betters will rapidly resolve no doubt here. The SW quadrant was my last and a bit of a struggle. ¬†Some updates from my betters…

1 K(A)ING,A – A is both “active” and “one” here — it’s a Maori village.
2 CACAOS – (a casco)*
11 OWNERS – compound anagram: (news barons)* = (OWNERS bans)*
12 HA(R)DUP – R in HAD UP for “brought to court” with two definitions: Baron HARDUP (ref. Cinderella I think) and “bankrupt”.
13 HURRA – (honours – are)*. I miswrote here: someone pointed out below the correct compound anagram: (honours are – so one)*
15 EVEN,FALL – two opposites producing twilight
17 FE(T)ED
19 A,STRO(CYTO)MA – (c[i]oty)* in STROMA which is a fungal mass — the whole thing is a rather unpleasant tumour, i.e. growth.
20 INOCULATIVE – (a cut vein, oil)*
23 GUY,OT=rev(to) – my last clue: it’s a flat topped underwater mountain, thus a “high point for diver”.
28 AG(IOTA,G)E – currency exchange commission.
29 URARI – hidden in “amateUR? A RIsk”. It’s related to curare which can be used as a muscle relaxant.
30 TO(YE)D – I’m pretty this is YE (“the old”) in TOD which implied that dot is limp somehow… clarification? Yes, it’s limp in Chambers as someone noted below.
31 M(ISSU[e])S
32 E,C(T)OPY – extra-ovarian pregnancy — not the kind of thing you want to happen so a bit of a worry for those expecting.
33 PAT[i]ENT – turns out can mean “spreading” in a botanical sense.
34 TH(OR,P[arty])E – Must be ref. Jeremy THORPE former leader of the Liberal party.


1 K([s]OH[o])EN – variant of Cohen — priestly caste.
2 IN REM – miner* – means indeed “legal argument converning enforceable right”.
3 NE(RN)ST – ref. Walther NERNST who also has an electric lamp named after him.
4 G,RAFT – I think. Though not sure I see the J. Cagney wordplay. Certainly it’s illegal activity. Pointed out below that it’s the actor George Raft who I’m sure wikipedia knows more about than I do.
5 CHILL CABINET – it’s what supermarkets use to keep stuff on display cold. can’t workout the wordplay — does it involve CHILLI? It’s CHILL(CAB)I,NET
7 CRUS([st]E[el])T – a goldsmith’s crucible.
8 A,DO(P)T
9 OUT(REME)R – REME (Brit regiment) in tour*
10 S,PAND=”panned”,AU – S stands for Siemens (electrical unit).
16 MA(NUB)RIA – parts of jellyfish and MARIA is plural Latin for mare. I think.
18 P(IGJ)UMP – jig* in PUMP (spurt). It’s an oz term for a kind of horse jump where waler is an Australian horse — in India — does any of this make sense?
21 COARSE – I think this is ref. “coarse company” to describe company that is COARSE.¬†Actually, CO,ARSE=bottom
22 IN TOTO – means “altogether”. I’d be happy if someone would completely decode the wordplay: “In train to town it spans two crossing points altogether”. T for train and TO for town? I missed the hidden term: “In traIN TO TOwn…”.
24 YE(AS)T – archaic term for head (as in foam).
25 POT,CH – means trample.
26 MAY(O)R – O in army* – ref. Hardy’s MAYOR of Casterbridge.
27 BED,YE – archaic stain.

2 Responses to “Azed 1892 – plainly”

  1. Matthew says:

    You seem to have retained the explanation for 23ac from your blog of Azed 1884.

    30ac – The very last definition of DOT(1) in Chambers is ‘to limp’.

    4dn – I believe this is supposed to be a reference to the actor George Raft.

    6dn – CHILLI,NET around CAB.

    22dn – This is contained in ‘traIN TO TOwn’. I think the crossing points are spaces.

  2. bridgesong says:

    I think 21 down is simply co + arse, where an arse is another word for a bottom or base.

    13 across is a compound anagram – remove “so one” from “honours are”

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