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Financial Times 12,861 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on September 11th, 2008

Uncle Yap.

From Monday Prize Puzzle on 1 September 2008
dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

As usual, Dante showed his forte, the craft of writing clues, smooth and slick. The lack of degree of difficulty , we are kindly informed by Mr Squires on another thread, is deliberate in accordance with the wishes of certain crossword editors who are “aiming for those readers starting out and who use the Monday puzzles to get confidence before solving more difficult crosswords.” I can’t find any flaw with that argument as we all were once novices. Come to think of it, I have been writing my blog thus far as though I am addressing newcomers, adding side comments and helpful hints which must sound boring to most of the old-timers … wonder why nobody has complained about my style?

4 ESCARGOT Ins of cargo (goods) in *(set) and we all know how the French love their snails
10 CIGARETTE *(care get it) Please note that in addition to weed, coffin nail has also been used to describe this word
11 THING *(night)
12 MEET dd
13 INDISCREET *(iridescent)
15 REFUTES *(features minus a)
16 SOLACE Cha of SOL (sun) ACE (one)
19 PLIANT *(it plan)
21 BATSMAN Clever cd from the world of cricket
23 ALLEGIANCE *(Nigella ace)
25 ORAL cd
27 TENET Chestnut palindrome (a word or phrase which reads the same forward and backward)
28 COMPASSES Ins of PASS (permit) in COMES (arrives)
29 PROSPERS Prospero’s minus O (ring vanishes) The Shakespeare connection is The Tempest where the rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero was also skilled in sorcery, hence magician
30 LLOYD’S *(Dolly’s) Lloyd’s of London is a British insurance market. It serves as a meeting place where multiple financial backers or “members”, whether individuals or corporations, come together to pool and spread risk.

1 SYCAMORE *(Mr O’Casey) Certain trees are known by different names in different places. See Chambers.  I remember from my Sunday School days that this was the tree that Zacchias was summoned to come down from by Jesus Christ.
2 REGRETFUL *(R felt urge)
3 IN RE *(rein)
5 SPECIES Cha of SPEC (speculation or gamble) + ins of E (point) in IS
7 GRIME Ins of RIM (edge) in GE (rev eg)
8 TIGHTS Cha of tight (figure-hugging) S (last letter of temptress)
9 STONES plural of stone (rock), of course, the rolling kind
14 STRAIGHT UP dd with the other being a racing tip that comes directly from the owner or trainer; inside information that can be relied on.
17 CAMERA SHY My favourite cd clue from this lot
18 ANALYSES *(seals any)
20 TRAM CAR cd of the most famous form of transport in San Francisco
21 BECOME dd
22 LAPTOP Ins of APT (appropriate) in LOP (cut)
24 LENTO Lent nothing (musical term for slow)
26 FALL dd for the autumn season

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