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Private Eye/Cyclops Crossword 373 – Tell Laura I Love Her

Posted by beermagnet on September 15th, 2008


An enjoyable romp through this until the end when I was struggling over Laura for far too long (if you see what I mean).

1 LET GO (L[abourit]E GOT)*
4 CHELSEA (LECH)* SEA (drink)
9 BUGGER OFF BUGGER (Tap artist – in the phone-tapping sense) OFF (Dicky)
It took me a while to see the clue construction after getting the answer from the crossing letters and the definition (Go). Full clue:
Go getting tap artist, Dicky (6,3)
10 ERUPT E[cstasy] RUPT[ure]
11/3 LETTING ONE RIP LETTING ONE (Landlord type of person) RIP (grave message)
13 AURA [L]AURA Last one in for me and I reckon this was very hard. I was looking at A_R_ for a long time before the penny dropped. Sorry for the blog title reference to one of the most awful songs from my childhood (far from a charismatic air)  Full clue:
Name Labour’s leader’s lost charismatic air (4)
14 FUDDY-DUDDY [Elmer] FUDD then DUD,D[eparts] inside Y Y (two years)
18 BREAST PUMP R[ight] inside BEAST (cow possibly) PUMP (shoe)
22 ABYSMAL (A SL[o]B MAY)* Anagrind: screwing
25 NO-BALLS Double Def Is this really a single hyphenated word?
26 SAHIB (HAS)* I (Cyclops) B[oris] Anagrind: unhinged I took unhinged as an anagram as it cannot sensibly be taken as a reverse indicator
27 DISMEMBER DIS (insult) MEMBER (politician)
28 SWORN IN WORN (in tatters) inside SIN (anger, possibly)
29 TODAY Slight “anagram” of TOADY (brown-noser) The 2-letter swap indicated by “slight shuffling” Ref. the erstwhile newspaper started by Eddy Shah in the 80s
2 TIGHT-ARSE TIGHT (pissed) ARSE (rat)
4 CUFFS Unsure if to define this as a Double Def where “Smack heads” means Cuffs in the “smacks” sense, or a charade with CUFF (Smack) [head]S (head finally)
5 EYE CANDY EYE (type of organ) CAN (is able) D[ela]Y (piss reversing out) which again assumes Ale = Piss
6/19 SLUSH FUND CD Nice one:
Kitty hardly pure as the driven snow (5,4)
7 AUTOPSY (PAST YOU)* Anagrind: dashing
8 LONG JUMP LONG (extended) JUMP (shag, US-style) Is “jump” particularly american slang?
15 DIMINISH MINI (short skirt) inside DISH (totty)
16 DOUBLE BED D[epraved] (LOUD BEEB)* Anagrind: plays
17/24 OSAMA BIN LADEN (IN LEAD OBAMA’S)* [clinto]N Anagrind: busted
18 BRASSES BR[itish] ASSES (charlies) that’s charlies in the sense of fools rather than as slang for boobs or “Charlie’s Angels” which was my initial train of thought (but I got back to the crossword soon enough)
20 DESTROY (ED’s)* Anagrind: ballsed up (TORY)* Anagrind: excitement
21 OBJECT (JOB)* (Anagrind: lost) and C[aught] inside ET (film) When I solved it I noted this as an excellent clue, so despite the film-ET cliche and having only a tiny hint of rudeness it gets the goldstar as my favourite clue:
Lost job (caught in film showing thingy) (6)
23 YAHOO (HAY)< OO (balls)

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  1. petero says:

    Beermagnet – your choice of Laura is not the only one – how about Johnny Mercer’s Laura (is the face in the misty light). It seems to me a better fit (not to mention a better song).

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