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Financial Times 12874 / Crux

Posted by C G Rishikesh on September 16th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

Unlike last Tuesday I could do this puzzle – all but four – within 30 minutes. The others might come after I give the crossie a rest but my blog can’t wait indefinitely. Others might of course put in the missing answers.


1 TROJAN – two def.
4 Not solved
9 KEN, YAN (anag. of any)
10 KNEE(joint)-HIGH (stoned)
11 A(L)MOST – ‘welcome’ is the c/c ind. Question: Does usage require welcomes?
12 MNE(anag. of men)MONIC(a)
13 MOO(r)
14 ANN(u)ALS
17 EU PHONY(fraud)
21 NEWTON – wt. in neon (a kind of light)
25 P(a)R(t)Y
26 AIRMILES – anag. of Israeli, M – Solver can decide that the answer is plural only after juglling with the anag. letters
27 G(RAP)PA  – Grand gives G and dad, PA (from Granddad)
28 ST., (h)EALTHY – Cockney pronunciation of healthy (fit)
29 Not solved
30 DETHRONE – anag. of ‘the end or’
31 SKATER – anag. of ‘takes’, (summe)R – I solved it from wordplay, had to look up for def. part of the clue (pond insect)


1 TAKE-AWAY – two def.  – The word in its first def. (appropriate, v.) is not hyphenated
2 OINTMENT – ref. ‘fly in the ointment’ _ I am a bit uneasy about such elliptical clues. For, the idiom has ‘the’ which I believe cannot be omitted. I would expect the answer to be THE OINTMENT
3 ADAM’S ALE – Cryptic def. – Let’s hope Eve too partook of the liquid 
5 EL NINO (current) – anag. of ‘on Nile’
6 RHEUMY – “roomy”
7 Not solved
8 ETHICS – anag. of the sic(k)
15 SUB – rev. of bus (vehicle) – Though this is only a three letter and though I knew vehicle gives ‘bus’, I didn’t fill this in straightaway. ‘Advance’ is prob. subscription = sub.  
16 IN,(fina)N(cial)
18 YEAR(time)BOOK(reserve) – one of ANNUALS
19 STEPS OUT – If any “steps” are “out” of a staircase, an accident might happen. One at first thinks of ‘steps up’ but for ‘steps out’ = ‘speeds up’, I had to look up  
20 ENLARGER – anag. of ‘general’ + R(out) 
22 PASSED – anag. of ‘spades’
23 ARREST – “a rest”
24 Not solved
25 PEAHEN (bird) -I don’t fully appreciate this clue. In the rest of the clue I think it is suggested that someone who likes this bird is impressed by tail feathers but then it’s peacock, the male of the species, that has the big spread of feathers. Or am I missing something here?

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  1. Geoff Moss says:

    4a PEAR TREE – PE ART RE E (a conference is a type of pear)

    29a [p]OOL ON G[roundsheet]

    7d REIGNS – National Anthem ‘long may s/he reign over us’

    24d MILLER – Glen Miller (bandleader) and a person who used to use mill stones

    25d a peahen is a bird which fancies (is attracted to) a peacock because of its tail feathers. The ‘bird fancier’ is therefore the ‘peahen’.

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