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FT 12,875/Aardvark

Posted by smiffy on September 17th, 2008


A puzzle of two halves for me. Gliding through the early stages, before having to shift down a couple of gears to negotiate a few uphill  stretches towards the end.  Aardvark plays a little fast and loose in places today but I’ll leave that for others to dwell on, should they desire. He more than atoned for that, in my book, with a couple of laugh (well chortle) aloud moments.

1 WOODEN SPOON – double def’n.  A “prize” in the ironic sense.
7 GOA[-l]
9 TENE[-men]T – here, “males” =men rather than m’s.
10 ENTER,I,TIS – (sit, I) rev. “Reviewed” being a pretty laissez-faire indicator.
11 R(IV)ENDELL – The Lord of the Rings movies tend to have a soporific effect on me.  However, I do recall this placename – so it must have cropped up before I dozed off.
12 IDIO[-t],M – I take “not perfected” to be a truncation indicator?
13 OARSMEN – (some ran)*
15 NOSY – Posy, with N replacing P.
18 ENID – hidden
23R(U,C)HE – “you see” homophone (discuss!) in (her)*
24 A(L,EXHALE)Y – Best known for penning Roots. Confession time: I never knew about Haley or Roots before encountering the theme song of the TV adaptation on Simon Bates’ Golden Hour while at uni.
26 C(APRICO)R,N – an interesting surface reading. I”m guessing there wouldn’t be too many takers for the goat on that menu.
27 D(U)OM,O
28 EMS – hidden alternate letters.
29 SMORGAS,BORD – (Argos,M,S)* +”board”. A rare outing for the Swedish in the realm of cryptic puzzles (I think I’ve encountered maelstrom a couple of times in the distant past).

1 W(ATERL)OO – (later)*
2 OMN(IV)ORE – IV (as in a rowing crew) in (Monroe)*
3 E[-mm]A,TIN

5 OR,T(OL)AN – “heart of gold”= OL.  Another inexplicable delicacy in the eyes of our French cousins.
6 NAR,C,ISSUS – “wife deadheading” = [-m]issus.
7 GOT,HIC – “expression of a lush” to indicate hic is undistilled genius.

8 A,S(SUM)E – not the most obvious of definitions, but simple enough.
14 MIN(CE PI)ES – With which Cockneys “‘ave a butcher’s”.
17 ON,M,YWORD – “Later”=On is one of those nuances that can seem grossly unfair to the uninititated.
19 DIABOLO – (o,lob,aid)rev
20 P(F,ENN)IG – “courses” as in compass points; “bread” as in money.
21 O,RAC(L)E – At first I thought that the “stock”/race equivalence was a loose reference to stock car racing!
22 S/C,AP,US – a botanical term, that I had to confirm post-solving.
25 HADES – Shade with the S slipping down. An adeptly-seized opportunity.

One Response to “FT 12,875/Aardvark”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    I agree with you comment about the ‘liberal’ cluing. I had question marks against a few more than you have indicated. I may post these in a separate comment.

    1a is surely not a double definition but WOODEN (rigid) SPOON (old golf club)

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