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Independent 6,842/Phi

Posted by Ali on 19th September 2008


Solid stuff as ever from Phi, though I admit to being stumped by a couple of clues in the NE corner and the anagram down the right hand side which I just couldn’t piece together. The above-average number of less common words often hints at a Nina or pangram, but there’s a few letters missing for the latter and nothing I can see for the former.

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FT 12,877, Set by FLIMSY, 19 September, 2008

Posted by Octofem on 19th September 2008


Generally straightforward and quite enjoyable today.  One new word for me , 27a, and a couple of
slightly suspect explanations, 25a and22a.  I await illumination, from Geoff or Eileen perhaps??

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Independent 6837/Phi

Posted by neildubya on 19th September 2008


I wonder if Phi was deliberately targeting the Saturday puzzle by including words and phrases like 11,12,17a and 6d? Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24,409/Brendan – Anyone for tennis?

Posted by Andrew on 19th September 2008


Quite a tough one from Brendan today, I thought. I was lucky to guess the two long, cleverly cross-referenced, downs early on from some crossing letters, which was a big help, but it still took a while, with some fairly devious bits of wordplay.

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IN THE RED by Kruger

Posted by Hihoba on 19th September 2008


Solving time : Three or four hours, on and off.

I always worry when I can do 1 across straight away, and this was no exception! I filled in most of the grid, but got hung up on the wordplay in a couple of key clues which held up the solving of the top right corner and hence the key instruction.

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