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IN THE RED by Kruger

Posted by Hihoba on September 19th, 2008


Solving time : Three or four hours, on and off.

I always worry when I can do 1 across straight away, and this was no exception! I filled in most of the grid, but got hung up on the wordplay in a couple of key clues which held up the solving of the top right corner and hence the key instruction.

The extra letters spelled out SHADE THEME AND INITIALS OF SEVEN CONSECUTIVE TUBE STATIONS. This led (for a seasoned traveller on the Underground) to the realisation that IN THE RED referred to the Central Line (coloured red on the Tube map). The red A and G pointed to rows 3 and 4 which contained CENTRAL LINE and UNDERGROUND, which was the theme to be highlighted.

Th red OC clearly now referred to Oxford Circus and rows 10, 11 and 12 contained LG, MA, BS, OC, TCR, H and CL for the seven stations. These are Lancaster Gate, Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Holborn and Chancery Lane.

I don’t usually complain about being given too much information, but I think we could certainly have been expected to find the theme and possibly the stations too, without the additional red squares in the grid. They made the final step a bit too obvious, I thought.

Some unusual words in the grid, and some good clues.

In the explanations I have put the discarded letters in {} brackets.

 1  S GARTH = garden, [RAT{S}]* in (Bri)GH(ton) 
 5  H  PROPOSAL = plan, PRO (for) + [A S{H}OP L(etter)]*
 11  A  ORE = money, ORE{A}D ignoring D(aughter)
 12  D  IMPUGN = criticise, {D}IM + PUG + N(ame)
 13  E  CENT = a hundred, CENTR{E}, ignore R(un)
 14  T  RALL(entando) = slow down, R (take) +AL{T} (rest) + (re)L(ax)
 15  H  INES = Spanish Girl, {H)INGES, not G(ood)
 16  E  FUND = supply, N(avy) in F{E}UD
 17  M  ERG = work, [GER{M}]*
 20  E  METIC = subjected to a special tax – a new word to me!, {E}METIC makes you sick.
 21  A  BAILMENT = delivery of goods, [MAIN T{A}BLE]*
 22  N  URETHAN = compound – I always knew it as urethanE! Hidden in Multicolour {n}et handsome 
 25  D  GEIGER = physicist, GER(man) round {D}IG (poke) + E(nglish)
 26  I  BALSA = wood, BA{I}LS + A(re)
 29  N  INBRED = innate, {N}[B (F)RIEND]*
 30  I  ABOMASA = reads – read is an alternative name for the abomasum, a ruminant’s stomach, ABO(riginal) + MA(ssachusetts) +{I}S + A(cademy)
 32  T  EGG TEETH = part of (young bird’s) bills, [GETGET + {T}HE]*
 33  I  USUAL = habitual drink, US + UA (Ukraine) +{I}L (Israel)
 36  A  ORT = a bit left over from meal, O(f) R{A}T
 38  L  CHIC = smart, [C{L}ICH]* (cliche endlessly)
 40  S  GOAN = former colonial, GROAN{S} not R(ight)
 41  O  SICE = chauffeur, SIC + {O}E (Scottish grandson)
 42  F  COAX = persuade, CO(mpany) + {F}AX
 43  S  UNREIN = allow free play, [{S}UNNIER]*
 44  E  UVA = grape, UV{E}A is the iris of the eye
 45  V  DEADHEAD = unproductive person, [HAD E{V}ADED]*
 46  E  YESTY = unsubstantial (same as yeasty), {E}YE + STY
 1  N  GOLF = game, alternate characters in GrOu{N}d LeFt
 2  C  RE-ENTER = cut deeper, REEN (ditch) + {C}(onstruct) + TER(race) – I don’t like ignoring letters which are separately clued like this, but it’s a minor quibble!
 3  O  TONDI = paintings, I D{O} NOT reversed
 4  N  HI TECH = furniture design, HI{N}T + ECH(t)
 5  S  PARR = salmon, {S}PAR + (freshwate)R
 6  E  REAGAN = old president, [A(merican) G{E}NERA(l)]*
 7  C  OIL RIGS = find solutions to the lack of energy, [LOGI{CI SIR]*
 8  U  OPIUMISM = need for drug, PIUM (biting fly) in [S{U}OMI]*
 9  T  SUNN = rope fibre, SUN + {T}(rade)N(ame)
 10  I  AGEDNESS = being old, [ASS{I}GNED + E(uropean)]*
 18  V  OLEA = tree, {V}OLE + A(ustralian)
 19  E  ATRIAL = of a cavity, A + (canin){E} + TRIAL – same problem as 2D!
 20  T  MURIEL = girl, RUM reversed + [{T}ILE]*
 23  U  RING-BONE = callus, RING + BO{U}N (new word to me meaning to dress) +E(normous)
 24  B  TARTANED = covered in checked material, TARTAN is a vessel + {B}ED
 26  E  BEEB = computer (in the early eighties I wrote magazine articles about it!) BEE + B(ill) of {E}(xchange)
 27  S  ADENINE = part of DNA, A DEN{S}E round IN
 28  T  BAUHAUS = school of art, AU in [BAHU{T}S]*
 30  A  ATOCIA = sterility, [A(dult) = A(merican) + CO{A}TI]*
 31  T  OUTCRY = public auction, {T}OUT (solicitor) + CRY
 34  I  SCOPE = cinema, [COP{I}ES]*
 35  O  MARA = hare, [AR{O}MA]*
 37  N  READ = register, hidden in EastbouR{N}E ADvertiser
 39  S  CLAY = human body, C (about) + {S}LAY

One Response to “IN THE RED by Kruger”

  1. HolyGhost says:

    I agree – the theme, CENTRAL LINE / UNDERGROUND, stuck out like a sore thumb; but even with the other shade cells it took me a while to find the stations – maybe I moved out of London too long ago.

    PS What’s the form on alerting others to the error in last week’s rubric before the deadline for submission?

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