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FT 12,883/Sleuth

Posted by smiffy on September 26th, 2008


1 WIN,NIP,E.G. – “nip”=arrest is new to me. I guess it’s a tamer version of “nab”
6 GORGON – (no grog)<
9 C[-h]AMBER
12 SCEPTICISM – (MEP’s critics)* – r
14 GUNSMITH – cryptic def’n
16 [-c]ARGO – first of today’s old chestnuts.
18 JUD[-e],O – ref Jude the Obscure
19 NAVI,GATE – “Russian” is a somewhat presumptive indicator for Ivan.  I suspect that Mr Lendl (the tennis playing cyborg from the 1980s) would take issue.
21 FU(LL)N,ELSON – (Noel’s)*.  A wrestling “hold”, although I doubt you’d see it much in evidence at a WWE event.  Its heyday probably coincided with the World of Sport televisual era.
22 SURF – homophone of “serf”
24 S(LOV)AKI,A – Saki is the “writer” in question
26 AGEN,DA – The town of Agen seems to ring quite familiar with me, but god knows why.
27 OYSTER – hidden

2 IN[-s]ANE
3 NOBODY’S FOOL – (Old boy, son of)*
5 G(OLD)EN H,AND,SHAKE – A phrase that sooooo 20th century.  In these days of executive ignominy its all about Golden Parachutes.
6 GI,OTTO – I know him more for his ability to have a space probe named after him than for his original day job.
13 CHARGE S(HE)ET – HE= His Excellency
15 UN,US,U,ALLY – I’m a little uncomfortable with “NY organisation”=UN, but I suppose it could be argued that the “Based in…” prefix is implied.
17 SVENGALI – (evangelist)* – outer letters.  According to the media, Svengalis seem to come only in the form of pop music producers these days.
20 B[-l]EAKER  – which also happens to be the name of one of the true unsung heroes of The Muppet Show
23 RODE,O – the second half of today’s harvest of old chestnuts.

4 Responses to “FT 12,883/Sleuth”

  1. Eileen says:

    1ac: I was thinking along the lines of ‘nip in the bud’ – and ‘arrest’ in the sense of slowing down or stopping.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    1a One of the definitions for ‘nip’ in Chambers is ‘arrest’ (slang).

  3. smiffy says:

    Thanks guys. I suspected I was on slightly the wrong wavelength for that element.
    It was only when blogging that I actually read the clue properly and realised that it wasn’t a homophone one (I initially solved it by solely by virtue of having G for the last checking letter).

    In the interests of expediency, I didn’t bother with an intro in my initial posting. But, for the record, I found this one quite enjoyable overall. It all seemed to hang together nicely, and the clues seemed to have a coherent tone.

  4. nmsindy says:

    The last sentence of Smiffy’s post at 3 exactly mirrors how I felt about the puzzle. Slightly easier than average for FT, liked SURF and FULL NELSON where ‘jest’ looked for a long time like it was part of an anagram.

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