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Independent 6843/Nimrod – Separation anxiety

Posted by neildubya on September 26th, 2008


Entertaining and very-tough-in-places puzzle from Nimrod. There’s a nicely-worked theme and Nina too. In the middle of the grid is SEPARATES and SORTS and elsewhere we have THE MEN and THE BOYS. Also, WHEAT and CHAFF appears in the top and bottom rows, and SHEEP and GOATS in the left and right hand columns.

7 REHANG – a cryptic def I think, with “take my picture” having nothing to do with a camera.
9 SKI – another cryptic definition. Not very cryptic though.
11 IN in DOMO – a major-domo is the chief steward of a large household.
12 HE(A)R
13 ASS[-eg]AI – “very” is the definition (a term used in music, e.g. adagio assai means “very slow”) and “assegai” is a weapon I only know about from solving crosswords.
16 NAG,A
17 S,EP,A,RATE,S – 14 and 17 define each other (SORTS/SEPARATES).
21 ENDS – double definition.
23 [-car]LISLE
24 [-o]NE,TT – I thought this was very good. I’ve never seen “roundabout” to indicate O before but I think it’s fairer than, say, “ball”. TT are the races (the motorcycle race held on the Isle of Man).
25 ELOPED – excellent cryptic def: “Ran for Union status”.
27 H(ELLEN)E’S – very tough, and nudging the boundaries of fairness I think. The definition is “bubbles in West Ham” because “Bubble and squeak” is Cockney rhyming slang (hence West Ham) for “greek”. I suspect that “West Ham” was chosen to represent the East End because “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is the club anthem.
31 EFT in LIST – LEFTIST. An “eft” is a type of newt.
1 WESTERNS – cryptic def.
3 ESSE[-x] – which is the Latin word for being or existence.
5/15/20 THEME,(INTEREST THEN)* – THE MEN IN THE STREET. Of course, this is usually a singular phrase (“the man in…”) but that wouldn’t have worked with the theme of the puzzle.
6 TEASE,T – not sure what “china for 2 at 4″ is getting at as “china” would seem to be ok by itself as the definition.
13 APP[-e]AL – “it” is the keyword here, meaning “sex appeal” or just “appeal”.
14 SORTS – I think this might be a triple def: SEPARATES, “deals effectively with” and “more than one company” – but then “company” doesn’t really mean SORT. Am I missing something?
18 SANSERIF – again, not completely sure about this one but a serif typeface has a short stroke or line at the end of each letter which might look like a comma or “,”. That’s all I can come up with anyway.
22 SEPTIC – a bit like 27a, this one needs some knowledge of rhyming slang as “SEPTIC tank” is Yank. I’m not sure what the word “raised” is doing in the clue though.
26 hidden in “WorlD IS How” – if “some getting to Miss” (which I guess might be another way of saying “not all of what follows is needed or somesuch) is the containment indicator and “good-looker” is the def then what is “to outwit”? Is it another definition, as it can mean to destroy or defeat?
27 HUL[-l],A
28 hidden in “bLUFFing”

2 Responses to “Independent 6843/Nimrod – Separation anxiety”

  1. nmsindy says:

    This has as good a theme/Nina as you could wish to see. Well done, Nimrod, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the dinner last Saturday (the day the puzzle appeared) to celebrate the 4000th Listener puzzle. When the theme became clear (very near the end), the reason for the strange grid became obvious (and fully justified).
    In TEASET I thought the 2 at 4 might refer to the song “Tea for Two” with 4 PM being a typical time for it.

  2. Geoff Moss says:

    14d One of the definitions for ‘sort’ in Chambers is ‘company’.

    26d Similarly, Chambers has ‘outwit’ as one of the definitions for ‘dish’.

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