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Inquisitor 90 – Trick by Schadenfreude

Posted by duncanshiell on September 26th, 2008


We were presented with three sets of clues – 16 Thematic, 17 Across and 14 Down. There was no indication where the answer or , more correctly, the amended answer to each unnumbered thematic clue was to be entered.

The preamble stated that a letter had to be removed from the answers to ten of the Across and Down clues before entry. These ten letters would spell out two words – X and Y. We were then told that we must X a letter from each thematic clue and Y the result before entry to the grid. These sixteen additional letters, in thematic clue order would define a word that could be linked to X, Y and all 16 thematic entries (not answers). It was a reasonable guess, I think ,that X would be ‘remove’, ‘omit, ‘take’ or some similar word and Y would be ‘permute’, ‘jumble’, or similar. The removal of a letter was the most obvious given there was a one-to-one relationship between thematic clue’s answer lengths of N and the lengths of unclued Across and Down entry cells of N-1

It fairly soon became obvious that the preamble had an error in that there had to be eleven Across and Down clues from which a letter must be removed before entry. It was clear that an A must be removed from the answer to 9, 10 or 11 Across to create the two words TAKE (X) and SHUFFLE (Y).

Some of the Across and Down answers with letters removed generated real word entries – RACES, LOTH, LAPS, EMMA – but most did not.

I didn’t twig the theme until I had deduced about half the thematic entries and could see the phrase ACT AS A SUBSTITUTE developing from the letters omitted from thematic answers. After the penny dropped, I doubled my speed of solving the thematic clues. I concentrated on the Across and Down clues to start with, but I did note a preponderance of fairly simple anagrams among the Thematic clues which helped me get into them without too much difficulty.

All the thematic entries were real words, and all could be preceded by the word DOUBLE (= ACT AS A SUBSTITUTE) to give words or phrases in Chambers.


It was not too difficult to solve the jigsaw to fit in the thematic cells given the knowledge that answers of length N were going to be entries of length N-1. The only pair I stumbled over for a bit were HEADER and DEALER until I got all the necessary crossing letters in place. A good range of vocabulary was used. I haven’t encountered a LEMMA since my days spent trying, and failing, to understand pure mathematics at University. New words to me were TAISCH (despite my Scottish background), LOTAH, CANNA, CIRCAM, TANYARD, SCOPA, IGAPO, RAUCID, WELLAWAY and HYLISTS, but I always find Schadenfreude’s cluing very clear and precise such that the wordplay is generally unambiguous.

Given that all the theme words and phrases were in Chambers, I was slightly surprised to find that PANATELA with only one L was not in Chambers or Collins (it was in the Shorter Oxford with the LL spelling given only as a variant). However, it was very clear from the wordplay what the spelling had to be.

Finally, I can only relate the title of the puzzle – TRICK – to the word DOUBLING rather than the word DOUBLE. Perhaps TRICK is being used in the sense of the whole puzzle being a deception or artifice.


No. Answer Letter Entry

Components of Answer

1 TAISCH TAISCH IS contained in (received by) (TA [Territorial Army] + CH [chaplain]) = TAISCH (second sight = gift of prophetic vision)
6 TRACES T RACES RACE (group) contained in (in) the reverse of (back) ST (street) = TRACES (discovers)
9 ANANA ANANA AA (volcanic rock) containing (hemming in) NAN (bread) = ANANA (pineapple = fruit)
10 LOTAH A LOTH LO (see) + reverse of (over) HAT (lid) = LOTAH (a small copper pot)
11 CANNA CANNA CANNABIS (marijuana) without (taken) BIS (twice) = CANNA (cotton grass)
12 KELPERS K ELPERS K (king) + HELPERS (people assisting) without the leading (beheaded) H = KELPERS (Falkland islander)
13 CIRCAR CIRCAR CAR (Charles) after (is pursuing) (C [cold] + IR [Irish]) = CIRCAR (Indian clerk or factotum)
15 LAPSE E LAPS L (last letter [close of] WALL) + APSE (recess) = LAPSE (slip)
18 ROBERTS ROBERTS Anagram (confused) of B (bishop) and ROSTER = ROBERTS (Field Marshal Earl Roberts of Kandahar [1832 – 1914])
21 TANYARD TANYARD (TAR [sailor] containing [going round] ANY [some]) + D (deserted) = TANYARD (tannery = leather factory)
22 SCOPA S COPA SCOP (Anglo-Saxon poet or minstrel) + A = SCOPA (a brushlike tuft of hairs on the hind legs of bees)
23 DECEMBER DECEMBER (E [English] + MB [doctor]) contained in (is bound by) anagram of (unorthodox) CREED = DECEMBER (part of winter)
24 RETIRE RETIRE (T [‘the’ in North of England] + I [island]) sandwiched between two occurences (on both sides) of RE (Royal Engineers) = RETIRE (stop work)
25 HARELIP H ARELIP H (hard) + most of AREA (region) + LIP (cheek) = HARELIP (a cleft upper lip = facial abnormality)
28 OBESE OBESE Part of compound anagram (cooked with YAM and ‘this answer’) of A BOY SEEM created from OBESE and YAM = OBESE (gross)
29 LOAMIER LOAMIER AMIE (mistress) contained in (kept by) (L [fifty)] + OR [other ranks = men]) = LOAMIER (more earthy)
)30 SPASM SPASM S (special) + PAS (action) + M (marks) = SPASM (a brief period)


No. Answer Letter Entry Components of Answer
2 IGAPO IGAPO I +GAP (pass) + O (old) = IGAPO (area of riverside forest)
3 SANE SANE S (70) + reverse of (retiring) ENA (woman’s name) = SANE (sensible)
4 CAIRENE CAIRENE Anagram of (disrupts) RACE and IN and E (Spain) = CAIRENE (a native of Cairo, Egypt, North Africa)
5 ANECDOTE ANECDOTE A (about) + NECK (brief [without the last letter] kiss) with DOTE (love) following= ANECDOTE (short story)
6 RAUCID U RACID RAID (attack) containing (outside) (U [posh) + C [college]) = RAUCID (raucous, meaning harsh as used by Charles Lamb)
7 ALARMED ALARMED ALED (boy’s name) containing (carrying) ARM (gun) = ALARMED (agitated)
8 WELLAWAY WELLAWAY Double meaning – WELLAWAY (alas = harrow) and WELL AWAY (drunk = worse for wear)
14 STUPEFIED F STUPEIED STUPE (idiot) + FIE (elfin) + D (daughter) = STUPEFIED (in a daze)
16 PANATELA PANATELA PAN (salt work[s]) + ATE (worried) + LA (Los Angeles, American city) = PANATELA (cigar= smoke) [NB: this spelling is in SOED, but not in Chambers or Collins)
17 HARD EDGE HARD EDGE ARD (old plough) contained in (in) HEDGE (row of bushes) = HARD EDGE (a style of abstract painting using bright areas of colour with sharply defined edges)
19 HYLISTS HYLISTS Anagram of (oddly) SHY containing (about) LIST (desire [archaic]) = HYLISTS (materialists)
20 FEDERATE F EDERATE Anagram of FREED + ATE (Greek Goddess of Mischief) = FEDERATE (join together)
26 LEMMA L EMMA L (liberal) + EMMA (novel by Jane Austen) = LEMMA (preliminary proposition)
27 PRORE E PROR R (runs) contained in (into) (P [soft)] + ORE [seaweed]) = PRORE (ship)


No. Answer Letter Entry Components of Answer Position
1 FATAL A FLAT LAT (latrine = john) + A + F (fellow) all reversed (reurning) = FATAL (decisive) characters 5 to 9, column 1
2 CONCOCTER C CONCERTO CON (to swindle) + (C [Charlie] contained in [in] COT [bed] )+ ER (Queen Elisabeth) = CONCOCTER (one who plans) characters 1 to 8, column 11
3 SPARTH T SHARP PART (component) contained in (found in) S (last letter [back of]] GUYS) and H (hospital) = SPARTH (battle axe = weapon) characters 1 to 5, column 13
4 AGGRADE A DAGGER A + G (grade) + GRADE (mark of proficiency) = AGGRADE (build up) characters 1 to 6, column 7
5 SMITE S TIME MITE (small child) after S (son) = SMITE (beat) 1 down
6 ATLAS A SALT AT LAST (finally) without the final (shortened) T = ATLAS (the first cervical vertebra = part of the backbone) characters 1 to 4, row 12
7 TRASS S STAR TASS (heap) containing R (first letter [a bit of] ROUGH) = TRASS (volcanic rock) characters 6 to 9, column 13
8 DUBLIN U BLIND Anagram (drunk) of BLIND containing U (university) = DUBLIN (city) characters 9 to 13, column 11
9 BREATHED B HEARTED Anagram (broken) of HEARTED and B (bachelor) = BREATHED (showed signs of life) 19 across
10 DEFLOWERS S FLOWERED DEF (defendantt) + LOWER (look sullen) + S (society) = DEFLOWERS (to rape) characters 1 to 8, row 5
11 EARTHED T HEADER EAR (till) + THE + D (first letter [first] of DEC[ember]) = EARTHED (hidden) characters 8 to 13, row 13
12 TANGIE I AGENT Anagram (sloppily) of EATING = TANGIE (Orcadian water spirit, or man covered in seaweed) characters 5 to 9, row 12
13 TREADLE T DEALER Anagram (wrongly) of ALTERED = TREADLE (foot control) characters 8 to 13, column 7
14 SCOURS U CROSS C (circa = about) contained in SOUR (strong) + S (sun) = SCOURS (rushes) chaarcters 9 to 13, column 1
15 ENTAMING T MEANING MIN (minister) contained in (blocking) anagram (foreign) of AGENT = ENTAMING (William [Shakespeare’s] word for subduing) characters 1 to 7, row 3


AMERCE E CREAM AMER (American) + CE (Church [of England]) = AMERCE (fine) characters 9 to 13, column 5

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  1. HolyGhost says:

    My Chambers gives TRICK under DOUBLE (n.) as well as under DOUBLING (n.)

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