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Guardian 24,506 – Logodaedalus

Posted by Ciaran McNulty on 29th September 2008

Ciaran McNulty.

Not much to say about today’s, fairly straightforward with a couple of niggles.

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Independent 6850 by Math

Posted by NealH on 29th September 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

A neat, not too difficult puzzle by Math with some good surface meanings. The borders of the grid were formed by 4 fifteen letter anagrams, which is quite an impressive effort on its own.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 374 – Unshaken lunacy

Posted by beermagnet on 29th September 2008



6 EURO-MP [th]E U (socially superior) ROMP (junket)
9 HEADWIND HEAD (sexual practice), WIND (bollocks)
10 UNSHAKEN (SUN)* Anagrind: misplaced, HA (exclamation), KEN (one coming before Boris)
11 LUNACY (AN)* Anagrind: accident inside LUCY
12 RUNNING MATE Managing , get a shag.  Full clue:
Managing to get a shag – not Clinton in 2008! (7,4)
Not Clinton indeed, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has the US Dem Vice ticket – only announced a couple of weeks ago.
15 SOD OFF Def: Leave. Charade: SOD (Earth), OFF (creating a stink)
16 VACUUM VA (Virginia) (MUCU[s])* Anagrind: shifting
22 STILTS  Last solved here.   Full clue:
Poles (a pair) sticking tip in two Poles (6)
Def: Poles (a pair).  TILT (sticking tip – in the “tilting at windmills” sense) inside SS (two Poles) 
Or the “two Poles” and “Poles (a pair)” could be swapped …
24 SCANTIES SCAN (examine) TIES (couples)
25 UNLAWFUL [s]UN L[abour] AWFUL
26 OUTCRY OUT (Openly gay), CRY (keen)
1 LOTHARIO (H AIR)* Anagrind: forced, inside (TOOL)* Anagrind: doctored
2 SHINDIG SHIN (scramble) DIG (jibe)
4 RWANDA [ministe]R WAND A (exam marking? – if you’re lucky)
5 KNOCKED UP DD: Roused from slumber, in the club. Does it really need “in the old-fashioned way”?
7 ULNA L[arge] inside UNA. Typical Eye crossy def: Hard part of member.  Thus it gets my favouruite clue gong
8 POKING FUN POKING (screwing) FUN (Joy) I put MAKING fun first which held me up with 6A
13 GIVE IT A GO GIVE (Grant) IT (sex) A GO[at]
14 TOMBSTONE (MOB)* Anagrind: ugly, and ST[reet] inside TONE (Matey Blair)
17 COGITATE (ACT TO GET I -T)* Anagrind: pissed
18 FOSSIL Hidden: uFO’S SILly
20 OILCAN OIL painting, CAN prison
21 PEER PEE-R Poss, [poo]R
23/3 SOFTBALL SO (Well over), FT (12 in.), BALL (testicle)

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