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Financial Times 12886 / Quark

Posted by C G Rishikesh on September 30th, 2008

C G Rishikesh.

The puzzle didn’t pose much difficulty. For me the bottom left corner was the last to fall.


1 NICETIES  - nice,ties
5 RUSTIC  - (citrus)*
10 PENAL  - pen,a,l
11 OVERDRAWN - two def. – In the online version, there is an unnecessary space betwen the last word and the question mark. It is not a matter of style as it is not followed elsewhere in the text.
12 EXTRA TIME - (I am t exert)*
13 ROGUE  - r(og<)ue – In the online edition, I think the space between ‘wrong’ and ‘un is missing.
14 NITWIT  - nit,wit
15 RATCHET  - (chatter)* – familiar anag. fodder.
18 MATINEE  - Solved from def. I am yet to see the homophone. Help!
20 AWNING  - (-y)awning
22 GLEAM  - Solved from def. I am yet to grasp the wordplay. Help!
24 PATRIARCH - (chair part)*
25 LIBELLOUS – li(“lie”),bello(-w),u/s 
26 GENES  - (sen, e.g.)< 
27 RAREST  -R(a)R,est. - Purists may frown on one = a - In India we use ‘estd’, not ‘est’, for ‘established’.
28 VERY WELL - two def.


1 NEPHEW  - ne,phew
2 CONSTRICT - con,strict
3 TILT AT WINDMILLS - cryptic def., but not so cryptic
4 EGOTIST  - (eg is OTT)*
6 UNDERSTANDINGLY – cryptic def.
7 TWANG  - two def. It is an unstated instrument that must be highly strung
8 CONCERTO - c(once)r, to – Here and in 21dn an abbreviation, a small component, is a container rather than a contained. Does this happen often in crossword clues? I don’t recall but my memory is notoriously short.
9 METEOR  - (remote)* – familiar anag. fodder
16 HINDRANCE - (dancer in h.)* – ‘after accident” is an appropriate anag. signal
17 SMUGGLER - cryptic def. – I am not carried away by this clue.
19 EMPLOY  - em,ploy – Do we come across en, the other measure in printing, as often as em?
20 ARTISTE  - (a sitter)* – nice anag. signal in ‘fluffing’
21 CHISEL  - hise, anag. of ‘he is’, in cl.
23 EMBER  - (-m)ember – Thank goodness the last months are left alone.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 12886 / Quark”

  1. Octofem says:

    Rishi, I think 18a is referring to a matinee idol, a star adored by the fans.

  2. Octofem says:

    And Gleam in 22 across is probably Glamis castle without ‘is’ and including ‘e’ for English.

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