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FT, 12,888, set by Jason, October 2, 2008

Posted by Octofem on October 2nd, 2008


It’s a fair cop!  Theme of  ‘places of confinement’  today, but a light-hearted puzzle in spite of its subject.


1.     PRISON – ( p-<no sir – the theme of the puzzle and an easy starter.)
4.     CHOKEY – ( choP-key.  Dated slang for a house of correction)
8.     QUARREL – ( qua-r-rel.  Qua – in the capacity of-  Latin derivation)
9.     UPGRADE – ( * dear pug)
11.   ADVENTURER – (*dave return)
12.   IDLE – ( I’d-le)
13.   CLINK – ( c-link – another slang word for ‘prison’)
14.   ARMCHAIR  – ( a-rm-ch–air – R. Marine is known as a ‘jolly’)
16.   ORIGANUM – ( <a giro – num.  A popular cooking herb)
18.   GULAG – ( gag around u-l. A Gulag was a soviet penal labour camp.)
20.    HYMN – ( alternate letters of The Yemen)
21.   CONFISCATE – ( * accent is of)
23.   FOREARM – ( * a former – to  forewarn is to forearm-  not to be confused with the bit
                                         between elbow and wrist.)
24.   MINNOWS – ( min-now’s – little fish, usually found in brooks and pools)
25.   BAGNIO – ( * boaTing – take out the heart. An archaic prison for slaves,
                                  especially in the Orient.)
26.   COOLER – ( cryptic definition for the cooling drink – also slang for ‘prison’)


1.     POUND – ( po-u-nd .  U is a Burmese Honorific, similar to Mr.  Famously, U Thant
                                Secretary General of the United Nations. Pound is a place of
                                confinement or punishment.)     
2.     ISRAELI  – ( i-*serial)
3.     OVERTAKEN – ( overt-a ken-O. Keno is a game of chance, adapted from Lotto
                                       for gambling. I feel this is a slightly strained definition, as’ went from’
                                       surely needs ‘ WAS overtaken’?)              
5.     HOPER – (ho-per)
6.     KURDISH – ( homophone of curd-is-h.  The white flowers of the cauliflower are known as
                               curds, possibly because of the their creamy foaming appearance.)
7.     YODELLING – (*lonely dig)
10.   TREATMENT  – ( treat-men-t. A treat can sometimes be a present.)
13.   CURRYCOMB – ( cryptic description. – an implement for grooming a horse)
15.   MAGNIFICO – ( * I’m facing – a Venetian nobleman, or a person of rank and
17.   GINSENG  -( gins-eng.  – various plants are sold under this  name, to promote health)
19.   LACUNAL -( hidden in CADIL lac un-al Lowed.  Having empty spaces or cavities,
                                especially in bones, snakeskins etc.)
21.   CORGI – (c-or-gi.  It’s that dog again!)
22.   TOWER – ( double or cryptic definition – a tower {cf the Prince in the–}  or
                             a vessel which tows, e.g. the tug.

2 Responses to “FT, 12,888, set by Jason, October 2, 2008”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Hi Octofem

    The eight places of incarceration are located symmetrically within the grid and I have been wondering if this has any particular significance but so far I have been unable to determine anything relevant.

    However, 10d could also be considered to be part of the theme since ‘the treatment’ is defined as ‘the appropriate method of dealing punitively with a particular type of person or case’ so we are back to punishment again (and symmetry is retained).

    I think I have too much time on my hands! :-)

  2. nmsindy says:

    Very enjoyable puzzle, spotting the symmetrically placed thematic entries led to quicker solving at the end.

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