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Independent 6856 by Eimi – ‘Tis the Season to Miss out the Crossword

Posted by NealH on 6th October 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed

I don’t know if the Indy has dropped the cryptic crossword altogether from its published edition but, despite annoying other passengers on the train by noisily going through my paper 11 times, I was unable to find it. Somewhat galling to find you’ve spent £1.00 and didn’t get the main thing you wanted !

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Guardian 24512/Rufus

Posted by mhl on 6th October 2008


As ever, a great fun puzzle for the start of the week from Rufus, with lots of “A-ha!” moments with the cryptic definitions. I found the top left corner was much harder than the rest of this puzzle – 5 across and down were the last to go in…

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Guardian Genius no.63, Brummie: The final curtain

Posted by michod on 6th October 2008


As a newcomer to the Genius since the site went free, I found this OK but a little – not hard to get going with, but tough to finish because the entry method for the thematic clues, though good, left you with the kind of ambiguities a definiton-only puzzle would (I love cryptics, they;re so much easier!) . The final curtain, as it were, was little underwhelming, and I felt that the whole synonym idea could have been deployed to better purpose. The eight thematic clues are asterisked, two theme words in bold.

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