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Guardian 24,513 – Puck

Posted by Uncle Yap on October 7th, 2008

Uncle Yap.

dd = double definition
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

I am truly blessed. Last week, I landed Paul and now I get to blog Puck, the magic dragon.  As expected, Puck mixed up a whole variety of clues, using all kinds of devices. However, the feature that pleased me the most in this puzzle is his creative use of definitions … Hippy my foot :-)

1 AYCRBOURN Sounds like “ache borne” (pain conveyed) Sir Alan Ayckbourn CBE, a British playwright, born 1939 in London
6 STIR Smooth dd
8 ON AND OFF Cha of O (old) NAN (woman) DOFF (throw)
9 KIRSTY *(risk) + TY (extremely TiddlY) Kristy is an equally correct answer which gave me so much problem with 6D until I was left with S?IT OUT. Sh*t ! Something is wrong :-)
10 ATWOOD Ins of WOO (court) in AST (A sTuDy regularly) Probably Margaret Atwood, Canadian author born 1939
11 RADIO SET *(a steroid)
12 ABBESS Cha of A (rating) B (Black) Bess (horse)
15 SPITTOON Ins of TOO (excessively) in SPITN *(pints) That humble feature on the floor of a saloon in a Western was cryptically defined as “one with a big gob”
16 GARSTANG Cha of GAR (fish) and STANG (rev GNATS) Garstang is a town parish within the Wyre borough of Lancashire, England
19 GATHER ha
21,1D AS LIKELY AS NOT *(asl a yokel isnt)
22 IMPUGN I’m (setter’s) Pug (dog) N (north point)
24 URETER Ins of RETE (network) in UR (old city) I wonder why this has been defined as ‘number one tube’?
27 MINCEMEAT *(I’m a cement) Puck made me laugh with his definition for mincement as ‘that’s been given the chop’

2 CONDONE Simple cha
3,22,26A BROAD IN THE BEAM Cha of Broad (woman) IN THE BEAM (lit up)
The def, hippy is so misleading and yet so literally & succinctly precise. Bravo!
4 UNFURLS Ins of NFU *(fun) in URL’S or Uniform Resource Locator (the system of addresses for the World Wide Web).
5 NO KIDDING I can only categorise this very amusing clue as a cheeky dd
6 SORT OUT Sounds like SORE (irritated) Tout (solicitor like those flogging tickets at Wimbledon)
7,25 IS THE POPE CATHOLIC? Ins of I (Italy) in *(hippest chocolate)  Reminds me of the cartoon making the Internet round showing George W Bush greeting Pope Benedict and asking “How’s the missus?”
13 BRASSERIE Cha of brass (money or bread) erie (lake or water) Inspired cha
14 SNARE DRUM Cha of snared (caught) run (odd)
17 SHITTIM *(this ) + Tim
n (; in full shittim wood) the wood of the shittah or shittah tree, believed to be a species of acacia; applied also to various other trees …. Chambers
18 GAY ICON *(Okaying minus K plus C)
20 TOP HOLE Ins of OP (rev Po river) in *(hotel) This expression is now to me.
23 GLINT rha

8 Responses to “Guardian 24,513 – Puck”

  1. Eileen says:

    24ac: Uncle Yap, I’m not sure whether your query was ‘tongue in cheek’ but I’ll answer it, anyway: the functions carried out in the bathroom are sometimes referred to as ‘number one’ and ‘number two’.

    And I’m afraid the magic dragon’s name was Puff :-)

  2. harry says:

    20 – top hole is victorian slang for first rate. You still come across it when comedians are trying to get across that a character is excessively posh. Personally, I can imagine Boris Johnson using it.

  3. Dave Ellison says:

    Isn’t 12 ac an &lit, too, an abbess being a mother superior?

  4. Dave Ellison says:

    12 ac, again – I took the “A” to be “superior rating”

  5. PaulD says:

    12 ac I took to be AB (seaman)=rating + “(Black) Bess” Turpin’s horse.

    3d etc. I’m sure I have seen something similar before, although possible not using “hippy”.

  6. Eileen says:

    12ac: my reading was the same as PaulD’s.

  7. Uncle Yap says:

    Eileen, my walking encyclopedia, has once again come to my rescue. I am afraid I do not know the number one and two functions. Here we are influenced by Malay slang and refer to them as going to the small river or big river respectively.

    PaulD and you are correct re-12A. Once again, I bow

  8. mhl says:

    PaulD, Guardian 24325 (Enigmatist) had BROAD IN THE BEAM as “Hippy cup-bearer’s after brother with a force before lunch”.

    Thanks for the post, Uncle Yap – there were quite a few things here I didn’t understand…

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