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Financial Times 12,884 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on October 9th, 2008

Pete Maclean.

Even a run-of-the-mill Cincinnus is jolly fine.

1. ALICE SPRINGS – cryptic definition
10. ROBINIA – ROBIN (boy wonder) + AI (sloth) backwards
11. GUMDROP – MUG (face) backwards + DR (doctor) + OP (operation)
12. TENOR – double definition
13. PRESENTS – ENT (hospital department) in PRESS (journalists)
15. KING CREOLE – RE (about) in KING COLE (merry old soul)
16. PEEL – double/cryptic definition
18. ERSE – hidden word
20. GLOSSARIES – GLOSS (type of paint) + ARIES (sign)
22. SLOGGING – S (singular) + LOGGING (recording)
24. SUPER – double definition
26. EL GRECO – ELG[a]R (composer not a) + ECO (novelist). A fine clue for one of my favourite painters.
27. LUCERNE – LUC[k] (chance almost) + ERNE (bird)

2. LEBANON – BEL (sound measure) backwards + ANON (presently)
3. CONTRACT – double definition
4. SWAP – PAWS (hands) backwards. I have seen several variations on this clue.
5. REGARDLESS – double definition
6. NAMES – MAN (chap) backwards + ES (two points). Names as in Lloyds, this is.
7. STRANGE – ST (stone) + RANGE (grazing land)
8. FRITZ KREISLER – F (front of fine) + RITZ (hotel) + homophone “Chrysler”. Luckily I have memories of listening to recording of Fritz Kreisler when I was a boy.
14. TELLING OFF – double/cryptic definition
17. CAPSICUM – CAP (capital) + anagram of MUSIC
19. SPONGER – ???. I don’t get the wordplay here. (See comments below)
21. IMPERIL – RI (island state) in IMPEL (force). Is it fair to use “island state” to clue Rhode Island when it is not actually an island?
23. GREEN – double/cryptic definition. Putting as in golf here.
25. BLAH – reverse hidden word

4 Responses to “Financial Times 12,884 by Cincinnus”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    19d Sponger as in ‘second’ (boxing, the man in the corner with the sponge) and ‘freeloader’.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, I am not too savvy about boxing! Thank you.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    As usual, well after the event.

    I don’t think 1ac is a cryptic definition. Part of it seems a rather good clue: ‘Special elastic’ is an anagram of ‘special’, and bands = rings. The thing I don’t like is the definition – ‘in Australia’, rather than ‘a town in Australia’ or some such. I know Ximenes defined places like that, but it isn’t done much nowadays I think: you never see it in The Times or Azed.

    ‘Island state': I think it’s a clever nudge towards RI, which has the word ‘island’ in its name and so could be argued to be an island state, even if not what we might expect one to be.

  4. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi Wil, I certainly made an error in calling 1A a CD. Saw it right when I answered it then somehow saw it wrongly when I came to blog it.

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