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Guardian 24,516 – Orlando

Posted by manehi on October 10th, 2008


Nothing too difficult but certainly some very clever clueing and nice surfaces throughout. Loved 24ac.

1 CHUMMY CHUMMY=”sociable” and I’ve vaguely heard of police calling a criminal “chummy”.
9 BOLTON WANDERERS (Brown’s not leader)* – nice long anagram.
10 MIRROR double def.
12 SEARCH ME (cashmere)*
14 AGASSI rev(IS SAGA). I like SAGA=”old relation”
15 THAMES hidden in “wiTH A MESembryanthemum”.
18 GYRATING G[alle]Y, RATING=sailor
21 FLUSHING FLUSH IN G[uilders]. The English name for Vlissingen.
22 BEHEST (Thebes)*
24 PUT IN THE PICTURE very nice
25 SENTRY SENT, RY=railway
26 ESTEEM [Clos]E, rev(MEETS)
1 CHOC ICE CHOICE around C[old]
2 UTTER double def
5 INDIANA I=”one’s”?, N[ame], DIANA the roman goddess
6 CARY GRANT CRY around A, GRANT. “a piercing cry” was nice.
7 SARONGS (on grass)*
8 GAUCHE GAUCH[o], [hors]E = “horseback”
17 SNIFTER SIFTER around N[ag]. A riddler is a sievelike thing used in the manufacture of coins, I think.
18 GAGGED another double def.
19 RABBITS and another
23 HYTHE HY (the extremes of HeavY) THE=article.

10 Responses to “Guardian 24,516 – Orlando”

  1. Andrew says:

    17dn – I took this as a reference to a garden riddle, used to sift stones from the soil. I’ve never known them to be called riddlers, though.

    5dn – “One’s” can be read as “One has”, i.e. “One (I) is followed by…”

  2. Andrew says:

    17dn again – I suppose someone using a riddle would be a riddler, and also a sifter.

  3. Eileen says:


    I don’t know [SEARCH ME] whether you missed out 12ac deliberately. [I understood we didn’t need to do this any more.] I thought it was great – and 24ac has to be one of the shortest good clues I’ve seen for an answer of that length.

    [I’ve just noticed a couple more you haven’t included – maybe you don’t ‘do’ anagrams. :-) I thought they were all pretty good ones.]

  4. manehi says:


    I seem to have missed that we don’t have to leave clues out any more. I certainly have nothing against anagrams – I just thought these were quite gettable, and as I say, all the surface readings were very smooth today.

    Having said all that, I had initially meant to include either 12 or 22 but forgot by the time I’d written up the rest :). Omitted clues will be added in in a sec.

  5. Andrew says:

    I don’t think there’s been an official pronouncement on the matter, but I’ve stopped excluding clues from my own blogs, on the grounds that anyone who can read them can now also get to the Guardian crosswords site and use the Cheat button there.

  6. mhl says:

    (Ditto with regard to no longer missing out clues…)

    I was totally unconvinced about CHUMMY being “villain identified by police?”, but I see it’s in the OED as “Police slang. A prisoner; a person accused or detained.” That seems pretty obscure to me (since it’s not in Collins and appeared in Chambers some time after the 1990 edition) but maybe this is just another generational disadvantage…

    Fun crossword today, anyway – I was delighted to remember the frequently-clued NOSTRUM :)

  7. Pricklewedge says:

    I was hesitant about CHUMMY but it’s inclusion meant my third completed Guardian Xword. Cause for celebration. Some bloggers on here must be getting bored with my elation at full grids. Apologies. Also, I found this really fun – esp. 6dn

  8. Pricklewedge says:

    Oh dear. My spelling, punctuation and sense of sense seems to have deserted me in my delight…

  9. esau says:

    I didn’t enjoy being made to choose between the puzzle and a free coffee…

  10. Berny says:

    Well done Pricklewedge – I remember my own elation at a first completed grid – it was half way up a mountain in Switzerland – the height went with the mood

    That said – some very awkward ones – ‘chummy’ and ‘agassi’ were not as well clued as I would wish.

    Once again – well done

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