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Independent 6860 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on October 10th, 2008


I found this quite tough, esp SW corner. Solving time, 26 mins.

* = anagram < = reversed


1 (t)RAP

3 ZIP (nothing) FAST ENER Rene< Archetypal Crossword Frenchman

9 B (OLd) US Should have got this more quickly than I did.

10 NO T (RE D) AME In Paris

11 SEE (DIE) R

12 MATCHES Double definition with pun on striker (football)

14 INSTRUMENT PANEL Cryptic definition referring, I think, to the dashboard of a car

16 RACING CERTAINTY (in grey Antarctic)*

19 E (S) TON IA (A1 not (S) e)<

21 HOTLINE (the lion)*

22 BE (WILDER) S(t) This was cleverly misleading (for me anyway) as it suggested an anagram of less for a long time

23 RE ELS(e)

24 PERISTALSIS (stir palsies)* Glad Phi gave us a fairly obvious anagram for this unfamiliar word

25 RU(i)N i = one


1 ROBES PIERRE Character from French Revolutionary period. Pierre Cardin, fashion designer

2 POLLEN SAC (one calls p)* p = tip of petal (first letter)

3 (do)ZES TIER

4 PANAROMIC CAMERA A tip-top cryptic definition – well done, Phi!

5 ANTIMONARCHISTS m (money) in (his transaction)*

6 TRE (E) TOP e in (Potter)* The crossword mind suggested the Potter anagram straight away. Not personally familiar with the books – but a quick Google search shows WW appears in them.

7 NEATH   Hidden

8 RU(d) E   D = director

13 S (ILL Y SEAS) ON     August usually – maybe the financial markets will be quiet again by then…

15 NO N (L IN) EAR   mean = near   in = inside

17 NO N PLU(g)S

15 ANTARES   (a star one)* less o

20 TOW(s)ER    Very tricky, as it looked liked first letter off the dog rather than the s = seen initially

22 B A P     Phi is from Darlington originally so he’ll know all about those.

4 Responses to “Independent 6860 by Phi”

  1. NealH says:

    I found this mostly straightfoward but was a bit stumped by the meaning of 3 down, so thanks for explaining that. I think I got a bit hung up on the Z being something to do with Zzz and tier for seats didn’t occur to me.

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    In 7dn, why is NEATH defined as ‘Other Welsh town’ and not simply as ‘Welsh town’?

    Yet another appearance of NONPLUS: it was in The Times a day or so ago, and someone mentioned that it has just been in The Guardian. Extraordinary coincidence.

    I thought ‘musical assessors’ was rather a vague definition of ‘instrument panel’ in 14ac, unless there’s a meaning of i.p. that I’m not aware of.

  3. Edward Frisk says:

    An instrument panel is a dashboard surely.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Not deep into this but thought ‘Other Welsh town’ was because Haverfordwest was perhaps a Welsh town also. I’d also agree (after checking dicts before I posted) that ‘musical assessors’ is subsidiary indication suggesting ‘musical instruments’ and ‘judging panel’ rather than definition.

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