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Independent 6862 by Mordred

Posted by NealH on 13th October 2008


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone

After last week’s debacle, the crossword returned to the printed version in its usual spot inside the back cover. An added benefit to any sports-hating solvers is that it no longer appears in the sports section, since that’s been moved to a separate supplement. The puzzle was about the right standard for a Monday morning (challenging without being too difficult) and had some excellent clues, 1 across being my favourite. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24518/Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 13th October 2008


A pretty straightforward puzzle from Rufus,  with no real ‘complications’ [one of two rather weak clues, I thought] and perhaps fewer cryptic clues than usual.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 375 – Why Syria?

Posted by beermagnet on 13th October 2008


There are a couple of questions arising in the chat below that I’d be obliged if someone can answer. Read the rest of this entry »

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