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Thursday’s Independent Puzzle

Posted by neildubya on October 15th, 2008


I’m supposed to be blogging tomorrow but I’m not going to be able to find the time as I have to look after my little boy for the day (he’s the happy chap on the left). If any of the regular bloggers fancy covering it please leave a comment in this post.



6 Responses to “Thursday’s Independent Puzzle”

  1. beermagnet says:

    I’ll raise my hand and claim it.
    Oh! Nimrod Yum.
    I’ll try to put something up before I hit the pub at lunchtime …

  2. Uncle Yap says:

    Alamak! I only saw this a few moments ago. Anyway, since I have done most of it (except 23A and 20D) I thought I will start the ball rolling. I will fill in as much info as I can muster at this short notice and others can add in

    1 PULL THE OTHER ONE *(the north pole + E U L left of west of fodder)
    9 IDLE Eric, one of the cast of Monty Python Flying Circus
    11 GRUB STREET Ins of RUBST *(burst) in GREET (to say hello)
    12 TOLD What the bank-teller did
    16 LOW-SPIRITEDNESS *(wilts depression)
    23 ?O?A No idea
    24 FLASH FLOOD We get lots of this in Kuala Lumpur where heavy downpours are common; wordplay?
    25 DOLLAR SIGN ?
    26 TIME Sounds like thyme (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme)
    27 FOOT POUND SECOND Cha of foot (pay) pound (some money) second (back)

    2 UNDERGO *(urged on) I suppose Hatters stands for Mad (as in Alice….) and therefore an anagram indicator. Well, Nimrod is not categorised as “Libertarian (hard)” for nothing)
    3 LIE ABED Ins of Abe (Lincoln President) in LIED (song)
    4 HEPATIC Hepatic is adj relating to or acting on the liver
    5 ORAL EXAMINATION Ins of Dr ALEX Comfort + Dictator Idi AMIN of Uganda in ORATION (speech)
    6 HOISTED Ins of ISTE *(site) in HOD (brick-carrier)
    7 ROSETTA *(toaster) I do not fully understand this clue
    8 NIMBLER *(M, James Bond’s boss Berlin) ‘supply more’ used here to disguise being more supple
    14 MEW dd
    15 RUE dd rue2 n a strong-smelling shrubby Mediterranean plant
    17 OLOROSO Wordplay? a golden-coloured medium-sweet sherry
    18 SHALLOT Ins of ALL (without exception) in SHOT (photo)
    19 INFERNO Cha of infer (guess) NO
    20 E?H?N?S I wonder what this is
    21 NILOTIC NIL (sounds like Egyptian River Nile) OTIC (of an ear, listener)
    22 SHOWMAN I haven’t suss out the wordplay

  3. Tilsit says:

    17 (D)OLOROSO

  4. Tilsit says:

    (GORGON)ZOLA – The new Manager of West Ham, a popular but seriously financially challenged soccer club.

  5. beermagnet says:

    Gah! The pair of you have started commenting here! I just posted a new blog. Alamak indeed.

  6. Uncle Yap says:

    Thanks to Jennybaguette

    13A Bow’s sick refers to Cockney rhyming slang, Tom Dick = sick.
    joiner = and and harry = worry

    25A If you look at your keyboard, the $ (dollar sign) is above 4 (how come I did not notice this earlier?) Wordplay *(gallons dir)

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