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FT 12,901/Aardvark

Posted by smiffy on October 17th, 2008


Running slightly late today, so I’ll keep the small-talk to a minimum.  If anything is unclear or dubious then please leave a message at the tone……

1 DOS-A-DOS – A phrase that I tend to associate with country dancing more than anything else.
9 [-m]ARNIE – as in The Governator.
10 PI(ROUET,T)E – a great surface reading, although “parts” needs to be interpreted as quite a liberal anagrind for “outer”.
11 G(LA(D)ST)ONE – this one tool me longer than it should have.
12 DO(R,I)C
13 [-s]TROVE
15 LAURIE LEE – homophone of “lorry” + alternate letters
18 THE,O(RISE)D – “require” seems to be a container/contents indicator here.
23FOR(TUNA)TE – Feline luck, in the sense of having nine lives.
25G(A,RIBALD)I – A somewhat generic definition. Somehow, I fear that if we were playing Family Fortunes and the question “Name a famous Italian” arose then this fellow would struggle to make the popular shortlist.
26 DO(PE)S – “drilling”=PE. DOS is the PC operating system whose monochrome text box you may encounter when attempting to cajole Windows out of its latest meltdown. Perhaps, a cross-reference to 1A could have been employed here.
27 SAMOYED – (someday)*. Neat surface allusion to dentistry.
28 GUD,GE,ON – (no,e.g.,dug)<

1DRAUGHT – drought with a for o.
2 SIN,GAP,ORE – In Norway, 100 ore = 1Krone.
3 [-ad]DRESS
4 SO(P)HOCL,ES – p in (school)* + compass points.
6 SOUND (BI)TE – bi in (not used)*
7 ASTER[-n]
8 T,REACLE – breakfasT + (cereal)*
16 UN,DER,L,IN,G – five sub-components for a nine-letter answer!
17 LOVE A(PP)LE – I’m not sure whether “Duck”= Love is meant to be derived from the sporting terms for zero, or from the (Mancunian?) terms of endearment.
18 TEAR GAS – (Ramsgate)*-r. The surface here is a bit of a stretch.
20 STE(T,SO)N – very cute.
22 H(ARE)M
23 F[-a]ILED
24 UN,D(I)D – “Greek character” = nu

3 Responses to “FT 12,901/Aardvark”

  1. Geoff Moss says:

    Hi Smiffy

    15a I was a little disappointed with the homophone in this one. A trailer is the rear section of an articulated lorry or truck rather than the lorry itself.

    17d I think you are a little too far north. Duck as a term of endearment is more prevalent in the Midlands, particularly around Nottingham if I remember correctly.

  2. C G Rishikesh says:

    I remember the Shakespearean term of endearment “chuck”. But I use only Tamil in tender moments.

  3. smiffy says:

    I concur on 15A. In fact, in the US (where, of course, they have trucks rather than lorries) they explicitly acknowledge the fact, by referring to artics as tractor-trailers.

    You have allowed me to completely re-evaluate my attitude towards chuck.
    Until now it has been inextricably (and unfavourably) linked to Cilla Black and the TV show “Blind Date” – which is hopefully someone/something that has never been inflicted upon the Indian subcontinent. Clearly, the Bard’s influence knows no bounds!

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