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Azed 1898 – Challenging

Posted by tilsit on October 20th, 2008



Time for an occasional posting.  Quite good fun from Azed this week with several witty clues and the usual smattering of obscure words.

1    BUSHWHACKING    BUSH + WHACKING (large as in the sense of a “whacking” great item.
9    UP-PILED    I had piled-up for a while, until I cracked 1 down.
12    CAPER TEA    C (college) APERT (open, archaic) EA (river)
13    SLIER        LIE inside SR
14    FLIRTS        anagram of ‘fish to retail’ minus ‘oh I eat’
15    TETRI        TET(E) + R (King) + I (Emperor[Imperator])
17    RHEA        Hidden answer
18    COENURUS    ONCE (ANAG) + URUS (an aurochs)
19    ECRU        E + CRU
20    UREA        AUBRIETA minus A BIT
21    BOTULISM    OUT (anag) inside LIMBS (anag)
23    SCAG         SCALAWAG minus A LAW
24    DENEB        The brightest star in the constellation Cygnus.  The lead is BENEDICT, less DICT and reversed.
26    TIPULA        UP inside ALIT (Reversed)
29    LIFER        F (folio) inside LIER
30    AZULEJOS    JEALOUS + Z anag
31    CRUORES    ROE inserted into CURS “regularly” means proportionately spaced in this instance.
32    DISMAYEDNESS  MAY (a maid) + DENSE (anag) inside DISS (grass)

1    BUIST        I inside BUST
2    SPRITE        A fairly tasteless soft drink made by Coca Cola.  IT  replaces E in the word SPREE
3    HIBERNACULUM  I’m having trouble remembering how this worked out.
4    HEAP        (C)HEAP
5    CIEL        A Line.  CIEL (rev) + S =  LEICS (A county shortly)
6    KYRIE ELEISON        YES NO LIKELIER minus L anag
7    INTRA        When placed inside G —P  it forms a nasty method of catching animals.
8    GRASSUM    GRUM with ASS
10    PILEORHIZA    LE ROI (anag) inside PHIZ + A
11    PETER-SEE-ME        PET + ERSE + EME     (a favourite crossword chestnut definition for Uncle)
16    PROG        GORP reversed
17    RUTH        Hidden reversal
18    CUSTARD    Manchester Tart is filled with custard, for example!    ATS (rev) inside CURD
22    INFARE    NEF AIR (anag)
23    SPUDS        PUD inside SS  a nice clue.
25    BRASS        Quadruple def.
27    LEDA        From mythology  –  hidden answer

See you in seven weeks.

4 Responses to “Azed 1898 – Challenging”

  1. Chris Lance says:

    3D. HIBERNACULUM is (a mulch burie)* round n (end of autumn).

    28D KORE is missing in the above solution. It was the one clue I couldn’t explain. K.O. is presumably “a stunner”, but how does “type not appearing in bed” lead to RE?

  2. PaulD says:

    28D type = breed, not appearing in “bed” leaves “re”.
    I didn’t solve this one at the time.

  3. Leona Raisin says:

    Cornrows Digs is to Crosswording as Soviet Line is to _____. Email me with your guess. LeonaRaisin @ gmail . com. Best blog ever.

  4. deadeasy says:

    I’m glad that someone explained CRUORES & KORE as those two have had me baffled for weeks.

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